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Bring it on 2008!

The days have passed fairly fast for the past two weeks. My Mum is here visiting and hubby and I are getting some personal time together that we haven't been able to get for about 5 years. The kids are pestering uncle Edi and Grandma is spoiling them rotten.

2007 was a great year, a year that I didn't imagine or planned. I am not much for setting long term goals. I go with the flow and whatever wave comes along I'll ride it. In 2007, I got a few chances that according to some people only come once in a lifetime. Although, career-wise they seemed fabulous, it stressed me so much that my family was suffering for it. I never planned a career around my hobby but it happened and now I am trying to pull out of it and it is difficult. You know the saying...when your hobby becomes your job, the hobby ends up being fun. I have reached that point. So this brings us to: lifestyle change number 1 and 2.

1. In 2008, I am going to follow the advice of a few friends. Learn to say NO.

KiddosI want to focus more on my children, on me, on my relationship with hubby. I want to be able to laugh every afternoon with my children. To go out to a soccer game and not worry about the looming deadlines. I want to get down on the floor and tickle my little ones until they pee their pants. I want to take a weekend off and simply cook, and cuddle the ones around me.

2. In 2008, spend more quality and quantity time with my family. Just the 4 of us, no work, no looming/looms.

Also, I want to focus more time on me. In 2007, I discovered how much I enjoy exercising. I find that running 3 miles makes me smile and my body tingles. The tingles are so rejuvenating that I end up going to a spinning class right afterwards. I am not thin by any means, but I am feeling so much better about myself, and my children see me go and exercise and they want to do it too. My lifestyle change is changing theirs...in a good way! My son wants to grow up and run marathons, my little girl wants to ride 100 miles on her little trike! With this, lifestyle change number 3 rolls in.

Biking 3. In 2008 and on, I want to be able to focus more on being active. I want to go mountain biking for the first time (need a mountain bike for this). I want to run a half marathon. I will do at least two triathlons and not be dead last. I will bike a century in preparation for Lotoja in 2010. I will continue putting 15+ running miles on my sneakers every week. It is not about losing weight anymore. It is about a lifestyle change (although, if I shed a few pounds, it would be quite nice).

Dl 2007 brought some wonderful new adventures my way: my road bike and thus new friendships--whom I have to say I love! Some of my new friends have become like my sisters. Another great adventure has been my driving license. I am now able to go out and be independent. I have yet to visit a yarn store though, but I have visited the sports store many a time :). And my driving has provided a way for me to get to the gym.

Knitting wise (with needles), I don't have goals for it. It is my only true hobby. I love it and I enjoy it and I want to keep it that way. Setting a goal in this arena will just stress me out and I don't want to feel stressed about it. My yarn will be in the stash for awhile and that is okay. If I see more yarn that I like, I will probably acquire it but not be pressured into knitting from it.

Looming: well, I'll ride the wave but doubt I will bring my board out onto the sea out of my own accord.

These are all the thoughts that I have in my head right now about my life and how I would like to change in this year.

May you all have a wonderful 2008. Let's focus ahead and ride the waves that come our way.


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Jeannette Pirkle

Isela, I wish you and all your family a Happy New Year. I loved the little video. Since I first joined you and your site I have seen your children grow so much already. I am sure most would understand your decisions. This life time is just to short not to spend the time with your family. It went by so fast for me (now my sons are all grown). We hope we can still frequent your site and put the fun back in your hobbies. It is never fun when it becomes a burden. No is a hard word, but needs to be said sometimes. Good luck on your biking, wish I lived near and could bike with you.

bruisin raincloud

best wishes to you friend!

what a great thing to decide.........and to do. I believe in you.....you can do this! I am so proud of you!

I wish you the best in '08!

I would love to be able to do what you do for a living......work with a craft you love..what a wonderful thing!


Those are some great resolutions and I hope you'll achieve them all.

But now that I read this, I feel bad! You see, yesterday I was pestering you with a pm over @ Ravelry, for a silly reason no less - I wanted to ask for permission to befriend you - and now that I've read about just how much looming, knitting, etc takes away from your time, I feel like I shouldn't.

Please forgive?


I got your package for the midge exchange sent a email to you twice and understand that you are busy but never heard back from you if you received my package? please contact me and let me know .

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year as well. Sounds like you have some great goals ahead of you. Children grow so fast that a lot of people miss it and you can never get this time back (from reading your blog it doesn't look like you do this but I think it's great that you have made them on top of your list.. Go Mommy!)

Best of luck to you,

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


Happy New Year, Isela!
Your book on cables arrived in Paris. It is wonderful and I cannot wait to try some of the projects out. Thank you for making such a fantastic book for us loom knitters!


I know you are enjoying your Mom's visit, and that she is proud of all your accomplishments.

It is really OK for you to take time to focus on yourself and your lovely family. You deserve a break. Enjoy!

Here's to 2008, and whatever awesomeness it brings you!



You've made some wonderful goals! I'm glad you had a good year, and wish you all the happiness and peace possible in the new one!


Happy New Year! I figured you were enjoying mom time. :D May you have an abundant 2008!


You have accomplished amazing things in the past year...I could never imagine myself running a marathon, or a triathlon, AND get all the looming/magazine/book writing done that you have! You have hung ten on that wave...now it's just time to catch the next one for 2008...no plans/pressures...just fun and family! You deserve it! :)


It's nice to pop in and see you doing so well! I'm glad you've had a wonderful holiday season with your family!
I will support you 100% when you have to say no. The first few times may be hard, but once others understand your boundaries are firm and your no means no, it will become much easier. You can do it!
I love you and I'm proud of you!


That's right, gotta remember to write the time for yourself right at the top of the list, so you get some.


WAHOOO join me in saying .. slowly.. NOOOOO! heheh
Yep well sounds like you have a plan!
Tell your Mamma and Eddie WE say hello! We all have to get together again some time when you guys are visiting on this end!

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