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Loomy Q & A: How do you make a shrug?

Qa_3 It has been a few months since we had our last Loomy Q&A day, but thankfully, an avid loom knitter sent me a question and we now have a Q&A day.

Our question is this: I have a rectangle and I want to make it a shrug, how do I got about seaming it to make it a shrug?

First, thank you for sending in the question :). Converting a rectangle into a shrug is fairly simple. Fold your rectangle in half--lengthwise. Seam the sides leaving an opening in the center. How big of an opening? Measure from shoulder to shoulder and the opening should be at least that size.

A small graphic on how it should look like: it is not professional by any means but I think it shows the idea.

Shrug2_2For a more tapered look, you may want to create a rectangle with narrower ends, you can start with lets say 30sts and then increase gradually to 50sts, work with the 50sts for the main portion of the back then decrease gradually down to the 30sts. 

Another option is to create the sleeves portion in ribbed stitch (k2, p2) and this will create a snugger fit around the arms.

A shrug lends itself to many possibilities, you can create one long rectangle with lots of cables, or you can create one with eyelets for a lacier effect, or just work it completely in stockinette stitch (knit every row).

Shrug4Shrugs can be tight fitting or loose fitting. Pair a tight fitting shrug with your favorite little black dress, or make one for your little ballerina. Loose fitting shrugs are perfect for a cozy warm cover around the shoulders, perfect to wear with jeans or just with about anything in your wardrobe.

The shrug to the left was created about 3 years ago. Follow this link to see the pattern/quick notes that I wrote on it. It is double knit: created on a knitting board but the pattern idea is the same for single knit.

We hope the above helps in your looming quest to knit shrugs. Thank you for sending your question in.

If you have any loomy questions, send them in, and I will try to address them on the blog next week. Thank you and keep your questions coming!



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Nana Santos

hi there, I'm from Brazil and I really loved this idea for a shrug. Thanks for sharing.

Nana :)


Will you be putting the pattern on your web site of the one you are wearing in the photo? The link attached here does not work.

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marian grace

Hi, Isela. Mom of Marian writing, replying to your comment on her blog. I put up T-shirt ordering instructions on Marian's blog this afternoon. Thank you for your sweet comment!

Fun that you're in Providence. One of my favorite college friends was a Providence girl, and my brother is in Logan now (college).


bruisin raincloud

a million thanks for posting this! :)


Thank you Ms. Loomy! I've had this shrug idea in my head for over a year. Maybe I can convert it to a loom. Yes, I'm like a cat with a ball of tin foil.

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