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As many of you know, I create little mini-clips on how to loom knit. For awhile, many loom knitters have asked me to put the clips onto a DVD that they can use at home. Clips on the internet are great, except when your computer is running on a 56K speed, the clips can be torture. As a response to this request, I am going forth and putting together a bunch of mini-clips all in one DVD. The first DVD will consist of the Basics of Loom Knitting. So far, I have come up with these ideas:

1. Slip Knot

2. Cast On for knitting in the Round
B)Crochet Cast on
C)Double e-wrap

3. Cast on for knitting a flat panel
B)Crochet Cast on
C)Double e-wrap

4. Foundation Stitches

A)Knit Stitch
a)Flat Stitch
c)Knit Stitch

B) Purl

5. Bind off when knitting in the round
A) Open Bind Off

6. Bind off when knitting a flat panel
A)Open Bind Off

Can you think of anything else that should be included? I really need your input. Remember, I am aiming for a Basics DVD. Please leave your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks for your input, input ;).


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Awesome, Isela!
Though I have your wonderful book, I have found your videos to be every bit as helpful.

How 'bout a basic demonstration of weaving in tail ends?

Also, I see in your videos how to slip a stitch, but not what to do if you actually want to knit the end stitches to join panels (like on a simple afghan or your toddler tunic). I just ended up with little bumps up and down, like half a row, though I thought I was actually knitting those stitches. LOL

Looking forward to a DVD. :>


Hola Isela, fue un honor para mi haber recibido un mensaje tuyo, sabes soy fan tuya desde que descubri tu pagina, cuando vi el libro y me gustó, invbestigue mas y llegue con purling sprite y dalooms y otros lugares mas, solo que no habia dejado mensajes por que yo no se ingles y me ayudo del traductor, y no sabia que tu sabes leer español, pero gracias, me encanta todo lo que haces, y los tutoriales fascinantes y entendibles aun para el traductor jeje, lo mas maravilloso seria que te animaras a ponerlos en español, para difundir mas las labores en este tipo de telares que lamentablemente casi no lo conocen, y me ha encantado, mucho gusto y que dios te bendiga.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

I think this is great that you are putting something like this together!

I am not sure but maybe how to slip a stitch (that maybe more advance but I love doing that on some of my projects.)

The other thing I LOVED myself that you did was how to finish up things and sew things together. Once again that might not be for the very beginner but I can't tell you how much I myself enjoyed seeing those.

I just love your videos and thank-you for posting!

Dora Renee' Wilkerson


That is a great idea!

It might be helpful for the real beginners if you cover "Basic Stitch Repair" (like a stitch popped off the peg and you need to retreive it and remount it correctly). Or, you knit the stitch when you meant to purl it, and now you have to remove it and try again.



I think how to measure a swatch for stitches and rows would be helpful for a new knitter.


Oh and I-cords. My brain is working too fast. Giggle.


I would love some kind of crochet (or mock crochet) knit also. I have been trying to find a place that has some kind of video on how to put a "Crochet border" on items. I cannot seem to figure it out with written instructions. Increase and decrease of stitches would be helpful, slip stitch and maybe turning around on a flat panel. I had problems when I first started, e-wrapping that first peg when turning. I will have to pull out my primer to look at what was difficult to learn. Oh, you could do something about changing colors (not fair isle of course but the primer has a hat the changes colors back and forth.) You might do a little one on felting. Socks and cables are not basic...so I guess that is all my ideas for the moment.



That would be well to have also it video of mock crochet stitch! Is a great stitch!!


I think that's an awesome start! :D Busy, busy little bee.

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