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The chubby fight

Before I begin, I would like to add that today's post is not meant to get anyone's sympathy or anyting of the like, I am doing it for me as a way to encourage me in the days to come and hopefully to encourage others that are in the chub fight.

As many of you know, I have been diligently working on getting the fat level in my body down. Although, I have been tempted by all the commercials that promise a "quick" fix (New Year's seems to quadruple the number of this type of commercials). I have stuck to my guns and instead of choosing the easy way out, I have taken the "road less traveled". I started running last summer and tried to go out at least 3 times a week and hit the pavement. However, when Fall arrived and Winter the next day (it appears to be like that here in Utah), my plans for getting in shape got a bit thwarted by mother nature. I had a membership to the local gym but due to my inability to drive myself around, I couldn't attend regularly. Once I passed my driving test in October, my way was opened. A door to "freedom" to get to wherever I needed whenever I needed.

It has been about five months since I got my driving license and during those five months, I have gone out very little. I don't venture to too many places, but three times a week, my little zoomer goes out at 5am and we head to the gym. First, I started taking a spinning class and then I decided to start running too so I run about 3-4 miles each time, then a month ago I decided that lifting weights will make my arms look a little more than just spaghetti noodles so I started lifting. Five months later and I feel like a new woman. I am not a size 2 (probably will never be again) but I feel strong. I can run 5 miles and survive. Heck, I can run 4 miles, spin for 1hr, and then lift for 30 minutes and then swim and not die. I feel strong. Capable. Secure.

Despite my diligence in working out, my "weight" hasn't gone down. I weigh the same as I did before I started exercising and sometimes this makes me feel depressed (and downright ornery) but I have to keep reminding me that it wasn't weight that I went in to lose--it was fat! But how do you really measure the change if the scale is not showing it? The scale can be deceiving...and at times it can be our very own worst enemy. I have opted for another method to track my changes...since the scale is not helping me. I have decided to measure certain areas and keep track of those.

I am exposing my most personal and sensitive area of my life but I hope that this will encourage me and those of you who are fighting the chub

Measurements Record

Measurements in Summer 2007

  • Natural waist (mine is about 1-1/2 inches above belly button): 33 inches
  • Waist by belly button: 37
  • Hip: 39 inches
  • Lovehandle area: 38.5 inches
  • Leg (I measure about 7 inches from my knee): 19-1/2 inches
  • Calf: 14 inches

Measurements in November 2007 (after exercising for little over a month at the gym).

  • Natural waist: 32 inches
  • Waist by belly button: 36
  • Hip: 38-1/2 inches
  • Lovehandle area: 37-1/2 inches
  • Leg: 19-1/2 inches
  • Calf: 13-3/4 inches
  • Upper Rib cage: 34 inches

Measurements in February 2008

  • Natural waist: 30-1/2 inches
  • Waist by belly button: 33
  • Hip: 37-3/4 inches
  • Lovehandle area: 37
  • Leg: 20-3/4 inches
  • Calf: 13-1/4
  • Upper Rib cage: 31-1/2

Anappel_3 Now the biggest change that I saw was going from a 34DD down to a 34C (and these are getting big so I may have to go down to my pre-baby 34B!). Clothes wise: I have gone down 2 sizes in pants and 1 size down in shirts.

My body type has a lot to do with the way I lose weight: I am one of those people who have very skinny legs (no shape to them at all), skinny, wimpy arms, no butt (none at all) and a big fat torso. When I gain weight, it goes first to my face (big chubby cheeks and second chin), then my b00bs, then my pansa (belly). You know there is pear shaped bodies, well, I am an apple with little sticks sticking out the bottom and the sides for legs and arms respectively.

Overall, I am extremely happy with the changes in my body. Some areas have gotten smaller,biggest changes in my waist and b00bs, and some have gotten a little bigger, my legs-expected from the running and biking. Some areas are a little more muscular, my calves, legs and arms. The change is slow and I have worked very hard to get them but with each step (when I run) with each turn of the wheel (when I spin), I think to myself that I am making my body stronger. 

I will keep going with my chub fight, I will report again in the months to come. In the meantime, keep on sweating the chub away!


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Sin City Spuds

Congratulations! Keeping track of your measurements was a good idea, since it definitely shows progress! I'm impressed with how well you've stuck with your exercise schedule. I have a tendency to fizzle out. Way to go!


Coming out of lurking to say congratulations! I rarely lose weight when I am training for a race. It does not matter how much you weigh, but how you feel about your body (and in), and measuring yourself is great way to show progress. (I might start doing that myself.)


Coming from someone who weighs a lot due to muscle I can tell you do NOT weigh yourself! And sister you are doing SO WELL!! Congratulations!


We are in the same boat but different fruit. I am a pear shape. How frustrating it can be but you are doing it and you are making changes. Yo go girl and keep on going. I found out after loosing about 35 pounds power walking that I was able to do pilates. Oh gosh, that is a butt wipper, but its fun. Even though the scale says one thing but measurements say it all good. Keep up the good work.


You are doing very well! Don't be discouraged. Your numbers are very impressive.



Oh, I so know what you mean about the apple with sticks! My belly is always the very, very last thing to go! But anyway, I think you are looking great, and what's more important is I'm sure you are stronger and healthier. You are really such an inspiration. I've been trying to be more active, but I'd really have to step it up to keep up with you! Anyway, I've really loved all the things I've seen on T.V. lately celebrating NORMAL women's bodies. I'm sure you are much better off than you think you are. I'm sorry, but you no longer get to be a part of the chub club. You've been kicked out. By me. :)



You are so beautiful inside and out. When we came to visit this past Christmas you looked stunning and lovely and it was wonderful just be in the same room with you again. I love your determination and fun-loving personality, I feel truly blessed to be your friend! Spencer is going to be in UT next week for his sis's wedding. I'll tell him to stop by the shop if he gets a chance. Once again congrats on all the progress you've made on the chub fight! As you well know I have the pear figure and am still trying to firm up some gooshy parts. It is a painful but rewarding process. You amaze me. Good luck with you future exercise activities!

Maria Tovar

Hi Isela,

You took the best way. And you are doing beautifully. You look younger than your age, but remember that the age is in your heart, soul and mind. You have everything to be happy. Your family, your health, your job, your creativity and the love of so many people in the world. What you do for your health you are doing for your whole family and for all that love you.

Thumbs up, there you go girl!!!


Kimberly Storey

try to remember friend that muscle weighs more than fat. Don't be discouraged!!! I think you are doing a great job & you should be so happy that you've stuck with it the way that you have instead of the 'quick fix' that usually ends up in yo yo dieting.

I am very proud of you! Keep up the good work!


If you have lost that many inches around the upper rib cage you have probably gone down at least one band size in bras, so definitely get yourself fitted! You're probably a 32D rather than 34C.

Karen Gielen

When I saw you at the MOA a few weeks ago, I thought you looked GREAT! I can also tell you that just before I got pregnant with my eldest child I was in the most amazing shape of my life, I ran, did the elliptical, lifted weights, swam, aerobics, etc., etc., etc., and I weighed more than I ever have! I also was in the smallest size clothing I have ever worn. I've read the comments from others, and I know you know this already, but it bears repeating, muscles weighs MORE than fat. You're a smart woman for looking at the measurements instead! Keep up the great work! Your body loves you for it!


Oh Isela, don't beat yourself up - you're doing fantastic! I wish I had half the motivation you do. Like Stacey said, muscle weighs more than fat, so it's very possible you've lost fat, but have replaced it with muscle, and that's why your weight doesn't seem to be budging. I believe there's a scale you can buy that can measure your % of body fat, and will give you a more accurate measure of where you are health-wise. And, I think if any weight I gained went straight to my chest, I'd be overjoyed! Even after having two kids, I'm still barely in a B cup, waaah! All my extra weight goes straight to my hips and stomach, the worst possible place health-wise. : ( You know, I actually worked with a lady who wore a size I bra - really! She was thin everywhere else though. She got breast reduction surgery because the she was having back problems from carrying all that around, and she had a hard time clothes shopping - things that fit around her chest were huge every else. Plus I think she got tired of men gawking at her all the time too, LOL!

Elena Murphy

Not sure if someone else has posted... thought it would help encourage you to know that muscle has weight too!!! If you lose 5 pounds of chub, but build up 5 pounds of muscle, you obviously won't be enlightened to this detail by your evil scale. So your decision to go on measurements is a wise one. Also, you should know, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn just existing. Muscle requires energy just to BE so, if you are sitting on your butt knitting for 30 minutes a day, your new, muscular self will be burning more calories than your self of 5 months ago. Yes, just sitting there. Imagine what all your other activities are doing! Keep up the good work.



I know what you're saying. I've been trying to lose weight, but since starting working out regularly... I've gained 6lbs.

Got the book :D You'll have questions in your box soon!


Amazing! Congratulations! I need to take my measurements...I just started yoga classes and would love to track the changes in my body the way you did. And weight is really just a number. What you've lost in fat, you've gained in muscle! And looks at those measurements! You should be very proud!



I have been visiting your blog for quite some time. I love it!

I, too, have battled the chub. I began differently. I started eating a low-glycemic diet. I had the middle chub too. Once I began living a low-glycemic lifestyle, I slowly began working out. It has been almost a year (March 23). I have lost 78 pounds. I, too, can run 4 miles, bike, and lift weigthts without feeling like I have been hit with a mac truck :-)

My low-glycemic bible is _The New Glucose Revolution_ by Dr. Jennie Brand-Miller & Dr. Thomas M.S. Wolever. There are may web sites that offer great recipes! Just google low-glycemic recipes or just the glycemic index.

Don't loose hope! If I can go from 240 to 162, you can too :-)


You have to remember that as you excersise you are building muscle. And muscle weighs more than other tissues in the body because it is so dense! So you are making progress as you can see by your measurements, the weight is shifting from fat to muscle! So it's good! (now I need to get Brian to get that eliptical upstairs!!)

Knitty wildrose

That is great!!!! I am also fighting the Chub fight. I was always so active in my younger days but when I got married and had children that stopped and the pounds added on. I lost about 20 in 2004 after I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. So I was down to 230...then I gained it all back and more and ended up at 266 around the start of this school year. Well I wasn't trying real hard to watch what I was eating but still lost some and got down to 255. Then my firbromyalgia really started kicking my butt at the beginning of January and I went to see my doc. Well she established one thing and that I was hardly sleeping, possible sleep apnea, so she put me on Ambien. The reason being that when you don't get enough sleep your mind doesn't get to rest and starts feeling everything at 100% of what it should be. Well one of the things my doc or pharmicist didn't tell me is you need to take them on an empty tummy. Well I didn't realize that I ate so much at night but because of not I dropped another 7 pounds and since I was loosing I called my sister who has been on Weight Watchers for a year and finally got to her target weight. Well I know that keeping a journal is one of the things that helped her and listening to her, my mom and sister (who also joined at the same time) talk about all the weight they were loosing and how great my mom was feeling I was jealous. But, due to finances I couldn't afford and still can't to join Weight Watchers. Well my mom and sister sent me their old books and told me how to keep a journal and I've been doing it for a week and have lost 5.5 pounds. Yeah me. I really am enjoying eating better and its even rubbing off on my 6 year old daughter, who used to love veggies and fruit but suddenly would only pick at them. We can't wait for spring to come, still aways away here in mid-Montana.LOL Then we will start going on walks and hopefully bike rides if I can get my bike fixed.
So way to go Isela!!! Keep up the great work. Your scale might not be showing you want to see but your measurements and shrinking clothes sizes really are and you've inspired me to measure myself since I've been thinking that things felt alot looser. Yeah me. Yeah you.
Take care and have a great day.


Hi Isela,

You have been doing a fantastic job of fighting the fight and going about it in a way that will last a lifetime. Remember- muscle weighs more than fat and that is most likely why weight has not changed much. Your measurements say it all. I find that the scale hardly ever tells me I'm fit, but it is one data point. YOU GO GIRL!

I'm back on my mountain bike and hiking with my dog (daughter is finally old enough to ride without training wheels!) Exercise is tough to fit in buts its awesome.


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