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First Signs of Spring

Learn to Knit Cables on Looms Booklet tour

The booklet and I have made a few stops this week at different blogs. Hop on over to read the interviews. Learn_to_knit_cables_on_loom_2 Thank you ladies for your time and for hosting my little booklet and I. It has been great answering questions about my life, the booklet and the writing process. Thank you mucho, mucho!

Stops this week:

  • Chatting with GuppyGirl aka Jenny
  • Rockin' the Loom with Robin
  • Visiting with The Dust Bunnies will Wait with Kimberly

Look at these cuties made by Robin! She is definitely rockin' that loom!


[Photo credit: Property of Robin M]

More stops on the tour coming soon!

Later today: the release of the Spring Issue of LKC magazine!


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thank you so much for letting us get to know you better thru these talks & for allowing us the joy of reviewing your booklet.

I wish you the best & I pray that you do really well with this booklet.

Elena Murphy

I just want to thank you in general for your championing of loom knitting. I confess I wasn't really interested in it, even though my husband bought me a loom to put in my stocking a few years ago. HOWEVER, I have seen the light because I was recently tapped for jury duty, and they don't allow knitting needles into the courthouse!!! All that prime sitting around on my boody time going to waste! But then I thought, wait! I bet I can bring a loom in there. I bet that little hook that goes with it won't be a problem. Anyone have any personal experience on that? I have the loom and I ordered a book. Hopefully I'll be able to get it inside.

Robin McCoy

MY PICTURE IS ON YOUR BLOG!!!!! That is uber exciting, Isela. :D
Thanks for sharing your time with me and my viewers. :)

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