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Hubby and I sat down yesterday to plan what we want in our little garden spot. Little Benny was still having her dinner and Wonderboy was downstairs.

Me: So what do we want?

Hubby: Let's plant the potatoes and corn by the shop and let's plant everything else here.

Me: So, we'll have onions, zucchini, peas, green beans, carrots here

Little Benny: Bright eyed and super excited jumps out of her chair really excited and says, I have a great idea!! Let's plant chocolate chips!

Both of us just giggled and explained that chocolate chips do not grow on plants, to which she replied, my pumpkin seed grew, why not chocolate chips!! Gotta love that little one!


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Children have the BEST ideas, brilliant. I definitely need to plant chocolate chips in my garden! I've already done peas, lettuce and potatoes but the rest must wait a bit as our frost date hasn't passed yet.


Hey! How do you know they won't grow til you try! =)


Super cute :) I wonder if I plant some coins...


That is so adorable. She sure has her priorities right! (I LOVES me some Chocolate!!) Next we shall teach her all about sparkly diamonds. : )



I love her logic. :D I'm with Bennie... what a wonderful world it would be :D

Connie Haney

So sweet..ok please send me some of those seeds if you do happen to find some! Boy, could you make some moola off of those huh?

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