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Biopsy Results are In


My dear friends...if you heard a great sigh of relief all the way where you are, it was me. Playing the different scenarios in my over active head was killing me little by little.

Lou, my dear friend and doctor called me the minute the test results hit her desk...about 10 minutes ago.

Although my results are negative, the type of tissue I have there (I will have to ask Louise for the correct term) increases the risk of me having breast cancer in the future. Although I am only in my 30s, Lou recommended yearly mammograms (and probably ultrasounds) to keep track of the lump. Of course, the best way is for me to keep track of it by doing monthly self exams and recording any changes.

Friends, your support, prayers, emails, and words of comfort have kept me afloat these past few days. Thank you...thank you.


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Knitty wildrose

I am so happy to hear that your test came back negative. My SIL was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer right before Christmas and had to have her left breast removed a week later. She is doing okay now, has her good days and her bad. I will keep you in my prayers that you stay in the negative results.


I am so glad! Get those yearly mammograms and yay! for a negative biopsy.


I am so glad! Get those yearly mammograms and yay! for a negative biopsy.


Dear Isela I haven't checked your blog in a while. I am sorry you have had such a fright. I have also had such a fright myself so I understand. I was also lucky it was negative but have to have regular mammograms and scans as well. We are lucky we can have all the technology we do to help us but its still very scary to go through. Thinking of you big hugs Jacqui


I cant tell you happy I am that you dodged the bullet. I will say a special prayer to the universe that it stays that way for you. Nothing is better than finding out you dont have cancer. Remember though that life is short. Live it the best you can.


I heard my own sigh of relief, that's for sure! Hooray!


Yeah! Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to hear that. What a scare! Glad to hear your girls are ok.

Kansas A

That is great news!!!


Thank goodness...that is wonderful news that you are healthy!


I have been thinking of you and am so thankful that the results are negative----yippee! I will continue to keep you in my prayers as well, just cuz' it is always good to be praying for friends.


Oh Thank you Lord!




I am so glad the results were benign! I hate that agonizing waiting :( I'm glad that you have a doctor who is also your friend and considerate enough to call you with the good news!!! *hugs*


Oh thank goodness! That must be such a relief! As for the rest, at least you know in advance and can monitor things and catch anything quickly which is the most important thing.


I'm so HAPPY, glad you are healthy and well!!!!! Whew, what a sigh of relief!!!


Such a relief and being proactive about ones health is always the smart way to go!


Whew! Thank goodness!! Keep up with those self-exams. (((HUGS)))


Great news. Thanks for letting us know so promptly! Lots of people thinking of you!!


That is wonderful news!!


God is good, you are blessed.
Much love!




It's excellent news and how fortunate to find out now that you need to keep a close eye on things.

Maria Tovar

Isela, I am so happy!!! Yes I was worried so much, I could not even loom right. Great for you. And now you have to think of prevention. Remember we are what we eat. All the green and orange vegetables is the best thing for cancer prevention. Broccoli, carrots, greeen beans, spinach. And fruits have antioxidants which also prevents cancer.

Jeannette Pirkle

Yeahhhhhh! :-) Awesome. I breathed a sigh of relief when I first read this. I was so worried about our little mommasita. Now you can concentrate on your bike riding. Spring is coming along. Praise prayers all around.



thank you GOD!


Awesome! Wonderful! Praise the Lord!


What good news! You must be so relieved. Whew!


Woo hoo!!!!!




Yay for benign-ness! I'm so relieved for you, Isela. I know how awful that waiting for results feeling is.




God is good =) Now just heal up and back to normal, healthy, happy, and just a tad different life. I know, if you are like me, you're vision has changed just a bit and those people in your life are 5000000 times more special! I know this past month changed my vision quite a bit and life is just so awesome, good and bad!


Well All Freakin' Right!!!!
Let's celebrate!
Yarn for everyone -- and doubles for Isela!
Job well done on a test no one studies for.



That's wonderful news that the lump is noncancerous! I know the other news stinks, but at least you know about it, and can keep an eye on it. A lot of women who are at higher risk for it don't know they are. My husband's mother died of breast cancer when he was a teenager, many years before I met him, and I think about his sisters and wonder if they are at higher risk for it too.


Whew! I know how I agonize over stuff like this. Good news!


Strange. I was sitting at the computer trying to avoid doing my PhotoShop homework, and I just KNEW you had good news! I rushed right over to your blog, and there it was. Good News!

WOO HOO! I am so glad that your results were negative. Big sigh of relief. Just follow your doctors advise so you can stay on top of things.


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