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Soccer Days are Back!

Ooops, is our anniversary!


Hubby and I almost missed our anniversary! We didn't forget, we just had the days wrong. We thought our anniversary was on Tuesday (today) but in reality it was yesterday. We realized our mistake Sunday night so we were both a little bit unprepared. For our anniversary, I got to go to work with my hubby--I love being at the shop with him, seeing him work "he is in the zone" when he is there. I work on the computer and he comes every now and then and gives me a little kiss.

7 years together...they have been really grand! Last night we dropped the kiddos off with our neighbor while we went to grab something to eat. We are so laid back and comfortable to go wherever that we ended up going to a gyro joint--frequented mainly by college students (we are a college town). We are there and I just had to laugh, most couples go to a fancy place, dress up all cute and there we are in our grubby jeans having gyros and yet as happy as ever.

We talked a bit about the past 7 years and how they have been so good to us and how we look forward to the years to come. Chatted about how the children have enriched our lives and made it so much better...worthwhile. I love being their Mom and I love the fact that I have a supportive husband who wants to be an active part of their lives. As a child, my hubby was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. His constant answer was simple: a Dad. He is a wonderful Dad and I am here to say a darn great husband.

Happy Anniversary sweetheart. Thanks for making the past seven years sizzle!

Picture: it is a few years old, little Benny hadn't been born yet...there is little Wonderboy, he is soooo cute!


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That picture of you is so cute. You like America's Next Top Model. Happy Anniversary!!! 7 years is awesome. We'll have 6 years in July. I'm looking forward to passing how many years I was married before. We'll have to celebrate big when we hit that one.


Happy anniversary! :) We celebrated 2 years today--the 17th. Went to dinner with my sister and our little boy. :-)


Raising a virtual glass of wine in toast to you and Sam! Happy Anniversary!

Maria Tovar


I love the picture. You three looked so happy!!! And I am glad your love has grown and still find happiness in the little things but being together.

Felicidades (congratulations) My love for the whole family.



you two are just too cute!!


Awww, happy anniversary, Isela! That's a great picture!

My 6th wedding anniversary is coming up on Saturday (the 19th). Lots of April anniversaries! : )


Happy Anniversary! Many, Many more to come!

My hubby and I almost forgot our 10th. We were moving (all night) from one city to another that was an hour away. We had no help, and 2 small kids. On our last trip to cleanup the old house, after being awake over 24 hours, we stood there and realized it was our anniversary. We ended up going to dinner at a Bob's Big Boy (hamburger joint). It was a fabulous anniversary, because we were together, and still are - going on 30 years now! : )



Happy Anniversary!


Happy Anniversary you guys!!!! I still remember how excited you were for me on your wedding day (since I became engaged the night before). You two are so great, Spencer and I feel so lucky to have you as our friends. Love you!!!!


glad you are feeling better! happy anniversary. miss you much

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