Multiple Sclerosis Bike Ride: More prizes added
Ooops, is our anniversary!


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I hope you are feeling better! I clicked through from the Blogoversary site! Happy Blogoversary! I am celebrating mine too! I am doing some giveaways, and I would love for anyone to stop on over and enter tham!!! :)

Again, I hope you feel better and Happy Blogoversary to you!


Mwah hahahah do I need to order you to the doctor? mwah hahah.
Try a decongestant! Some times that helps.. I get vertigo off and on and it has never been diagnosed. It is most likely associated with allergies or possibly increased fluid levels in the body from pregnancy or pms for me!It's not fun whatever the reason!!!
And I hope that project you are trying to get out the door isn't the one I told you to just say no to!! GRRR


Oh how frustrating! From someone who has Meniere's disease, I know exactly how annoying vertigo can be. Once I had it for a month straight. The floor felt like it kept going out from underneath me while I was walking. What an imbalance in the inner ear will do to you.

Do you experience this often? You may want to speak with your physician.

Be safe...


Feel better soon!



You have what I had! It was aweful! Just terrible dizziness. You and Denise ordered me to the doctor, so turnaround it fair play! Get to the doctor dear!

P.S. It is a nasty virus I had and it took almost 4 weeks to get over it. Hope you feel better soon.


Hmm. How's your wound healing? Do you have an infection? This was something they told me to watch out for. How about bleeding? Iron levels? Is your body in some kind of stress? Let your husband know if you haven't that you are feeling this way. Do you have a fever? Hugs.


I thought Vertigo was dizziness from heights. What causes it? I black out all the time for a few seconds. It's not that though, right?


WHEEEE! :D Or not. I hope it gets better soon. This calls for chocolate.

Is this still the icky project?


I too just recently began suffering with vertigo. It isn't any fun. The last time I had it so bad I threw up and was dizzy for hours!

Needless to say I carry Bonnie with me in my purse for the unexpected spells... so I sympathize with you.


Please take good care of yourself. I have not had vertigo but I definetely know that it is no fun!

Maria Tovar

Why is this vertigo? I have only had it once when I was intoxicated with a tomato I marinated with vinegar since the night before but the bowl which was supposed to be stainless steel happened to be aluminum and I was so intoxicated that had to be at the hospital for about three days.

Please take care.

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