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Soccer Days are Back!

Wonderboyandc2 Besides the arrival of warm weather, Spring also brings to us a new soccer season. As a family, we love watching soccer, especially when Wonderboy is part of the game. Most of his teammates are the same age as him, 6 years. Although they are the same age, size varies considerably, Wonderboy is one of the smallest in his team (again) but we cannot expect much with his "giant" lineage (LOL). Some of the kids in the other team towered him by as much as 4 to 5 inches but his little legs made up for his vertical limits. That boy can run!

I am so amazed at how fast he is and his endurance. The kid can go for 45 minutes without long as there is a ball that he has to chase from one side to the other. Even the coach noticed his little legs moving as fast as a locomotive! One of the other Mom's reminded me that he was even "recruited" last year by the T-Ball coach. I had completely forgotten about it!

He gives his 100% during each of the games and he doesn't stop until the whistle blows. During his first game on Wednesday he scored 4 goals, but they only counted 3, and he almost got it in at least another half-a-dozen times. I am such a proud Momma Hen! He is a great little player and a great sport too! We have another game on is going to be fun! More pictures to come...we are going to be the blue team.

Picture above: Wonderboy teammates, one of them (the one with the ball by his foot) is one of his best friends--together they rule the soccer field! Wonderboy is the runner and chases the ball then he passes to C who scores lots of goals.

More pictures: flicker collage, to see the pictures bigger, click on the collage.

In other news: Chubbette has been updated almost daily with my training for the half-marathon and for the up-coming cycling season. The half-marathon is in 4 weeks! Yikes! I am running a 10 miler this Saturday...sounds scary.



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