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Workout day

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What a fun day! I woke up early due to going to bed early for a change...I was in bed at 10pm! I rarely, if ever go to bed early, unless I am sick in which case I most likely end up falling asleep on the couch and hubby carries me up to bed. Yup, he still does that after 7 years of marriage and inspite of my 20+ pounds that I have put on since we got hitched.

Anyways, I woke up early and felt refreshed. I have wanted to have oatmeal before heading to the gym and the extra 5 minutes allowed me to do just that! As the water boiled, I was able to read some emails and catch up on some news. As the oatmeal "cooked" I put on my bathing suit and kissed hubby good morning and nugged him to get up and work on the looms. Little N was sleeping next to him...that little girl still comes to our bed every night! She just loves to cuddle next to us.

My oatmeal was extra nutritious this morning, after reading an article on Runners World, I decided to give my oatmeal an "umph" by adding some yogurt and strawberries. I enjoyed the yogurt in it, but the strawberries were a bit tart and I didn't enjoy them as much--I will stick to strawberries for my smoothie only.

Workout stats:

Swim: 50 minutes in freestyle/crawl w/ flip turns

Spin: 50 minutes. Climbing day with intervals.

Ab workout: 10 minutes--my abs are still sore from Wednesday's workout

I didn't stay for the toning class today as tomorrow I have a long run and I need an "easy" day before my 10 miler tomorrow.

Note about swimming: Today, I tried a pair  of hand paddles that one of the other swimmer's brought with her. The one lap I did with them was superb! Although it felt that I was swimming with 10 pound weights on each hand, I cruised on the lap after. I can see a huge benefit on having a pair of hand paddles--trim the fat around my arms for sure.

Speaking of fat, as you know, I haven't been able to lose weight despite all my exercise, but I have lost inches all around which definitely shows the great progress I have made. Well, today I jumped on the scale just for kicks and guess what...for the first time in the past 4 years, I am under 130!!! I weighed in at 129. I have finally lost some weight but I feel confident that the weight has been all fat as I have kept my calorie intake high (as much as I eat, I am sure it is high!). I refuse to go on a diet...heck, the whole reason why I exercise is just so that I can eat as many tacos as I want!

Hope your workouts are going okay too.

PS: Don't forget, the Boston Marathon is this weekend...exciting! Wonderboy's soccer coach is running it...his time on the Top of Utah Marathon was 3:04! We told him to be sure to catch up to Lance ;)


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Dani in NC

I love your attitude and totally agree with it. Sweating is enough without adding deprivation :-).


My aunt was going through the same thing, working out like a mad woman, and not losing weight. She talked to her personal trainer who took a look at some of the food journals she had been keeping and they realized she wasn't getting enough protein. She started putting more protein in her daily intake and has started losing a little more weight. Maybe you could try writing down what you're eating, and after a week, evaluate it and see what you think you might be missing.


I won't diet either. I have the same idea, work out like a mad woman so I can eat what I want. I sooooooo hate being hungry. My workouts are going great! Plus, someone directed me to something really cool I want to start participating in, it is the Eowyn Challenge (, sounds fun!

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