Happy 4th of July!
Because I am still sick and need some distraction

A MEME because I am sick

yeah, there was supposed to a grand run tomorrow, a 15K, I was planning on it and I was very much looking forward to running the downhill course. Instead, I am nursing a cold. My throat glands are swollen, so much that when I turn it makes my neck hurt. My eyes are watery and I am sneezing non-stop. Last night's sleep was non-existent as I had to get up and use a kleenex every 5 minutes. I feel like I just ran a marathon yet I haven't done more than gone up the steps to fix my kiddos lunch. The worst is yet to come though, I can feel a stupid cough coming...which means there will be no running, cycling, or swimming for a few days. Did I mention the kiddos are sick too...yeah, fun times at the PurlingSprite's residence. 

But to entertain you from my boring, sick, non-active lifestyle, here is a fun MEME that I found through Karen's blog.

1. Where was I 10 years go.
I was a Junior at Baruch College in NYC.

2. 5 things on today’s to-do list
Clean my nose

Go and get some Nyquil

Drink the Nyquil

Put a movie on


3.Snacks I enjoy.

I am not much of a snacker. I usually just have full meals but if I have to eat something is the following: chips and salsa (homemade if possible). Rice pudding.

4. Things I would do if I were a billionaire.

Buy my Mom a house near me and put enough money aside for her not to work anymore. Pay off our house and cars so hubby can just play. Buy a new bike (Pinarello Prince here I come). Donate  a hefty amount to the Lance Armstrong foundation.


5. Places I have lived.

Mexico, NY, Utah.

Although I used to say that NY was the best town to live in, I am starting to believe that Cache Valley Utah is the best place on earth.

6. Jobs I have had.

Receptionist, Marketing intern, Executive Secretary, WebDesigner, Mom, Wife

7. Who would I like to know more about.

If you are having a dull day and need something to blog about, feel free to snag the questions.


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I'm so sorry you had to miss the run - that is such a disappointment, but there will be others. Much more important to get yourself better! ;)


LOL! I had to laugh at your to-do list! Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for playing!

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