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Proof: I do knit!

Buttoned Up

Empty hands + Empty loom + Yarn around=a project in the making


(Forgive the pictures, I am not the best model...but I am the only one in the house who can wear the braces give me a superfull mouth...I look freaking ridiculous!)

The Buttoned Up hat is looking for a couple of test knitters. If you have the materials and you are willing to try it out, drop me a comment below.


Loom: Round purple loom (the new one)

Yarn: Chunky weight acrylic or wool blend. Sample was knit with Lion Brand Wool-Ease Chunky.

Other: 1 Button

Essential: time :)

EDIT: Thank you for the support. I have my test knitters now :). Thank you!!!


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your you tube video for the round dishcloth is wonderful. It was much better to watch. I am a novice and I was having having trouble following the pattern. However; video IV had some technical dificulties. Thank you so much for your dedication and love of looming.


I would love to test this pattern if you are interested or purchase the pattern. Let me know.


Hi, haven't been by lately. But wow, you look really good. I know you have been working out. I can't really see the braces, but when those are gone you'll be looking like a star, chica! Great hat!


Personally, I LOVE the picture. What a cute couple of models you two are. :)

Also, if you need me to I'd be delighted to test that pattern for ya. Just let me know. :)


You are gorgeous and so is the hat! I want it!

Marsha Wells

Isela, I have all the requirements to help test the hat pattern. If you still need testers, let me know. (

Marsha in Upstate SC

Jeannette Pirkle

Isela, I didn't read about this until this morning. I have the purple adult hat loom by KK and would be willing to try this pattern if you still need someone to test the pattern. Just send me the pattern at this email address and I'll get right on it.I like the button effect.

Sarah Bytheway

Girl, you look beautiful! Love the new hat!


I have the new purple loom and have been looking to try it out! I do have time, so if you need a tester, would love to!!



I've got all of the above listed... i'm pretty new to loom knitting but if you need more people to try it out let me know. Amy

Maria Tovar

Isela,That is a great hat and you look beautiful on it!!!

I have the loom, would try to get the yarn and I would make myself time, but I would not be able to send it to you on time because of customs.


Super cute hat! Love the button detail...and you're cute as a button, too! ;) I wish I had more time...and the loom, lol!


You model that hat very nicely! I would love to test knit it, as I have the loom and yarn also if you still need a helper ;) I just have to finish up the mock cable hat I thought I'd try on this loom, just a couple more rows. Let me know :)


I have the hat loom, yarn and would love to participate if you still are looking for testers...thanks.


I have the new loom and love it. I also have some really nice chunky gray yarn and would love to try out your pattern.


Knowing that I'm pokey ;D I'm just dropping in to say that the hat is pretty and you are even prettier <3 Love it!


I have the purple loom, the yarn, and lots of time. Let me know what you need.


Hey your blog is so cute. Your a pro-blogger, it looks like. Puts mine to shame. :) that's okay. Your knitted stuff is darling. Good luck with your new job.

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