Three FO's!
SuperMail Monday!


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Clynder Cables

Very cool, I need to get a new notebook as mine is packing up! I am going to check this one out!


Very cool.. I love the portability and the price!


Nice baby with an affordable price!


Ah, I should have waited to get a laptop! I love mini stuff! My first car was a VW Rabbit (miss that car...) I need something that can fit in my purse but function like my laptop, lol. Someday there will be something like that, right?


good for you! looks pretty cool!


I'm very jealous!!!!


Cuteness. I wish I had one. I am green with envy. (Insert green eyed monster)

I wanted a mini laptop, but hubby, who is the computer pro, said I would be better off with a regualar laptop. So, he got a new laptop, and gave me his old one. Hey! There is something fishy about that now that I think of it.



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