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Christmas Edition MeMe

Signs of a Stressed Sprite

1. She eats all the dark chocolate morsels she can find.

2. She "thinks" that an hour spent on the bike trainer is much better than sitting down and knitting.

3. She lays down on the ground, face down in defeat and instead of taking a nap she decides to see how many push-ups she can do.

4. A cold that persists on hanging around.

5. Stopping at TJ-Maxx for any excuse whatsover....yes, she could probably find the needed carrots for the kids' school feast there if she just looks in every single nook.


6. When she goes out to run 3 miles and all throughout she feels guilty because she could have knitted 1/4 of an inch on that wretched sock!!!

PS: how do you like the new navigation bar? I am trying to get all my free patterns in one place for your convenience...now I just need to dig around to find them.  Hope you find the new navigation bar easier than the sidebar.


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I really like the new navigation bar. I love how it really organized everything.

I am so sorry to hear you are stressed out over all those socks. I really, really would love to help you out with the socks. I just can't commit to something when I can't forsee that far into my future with this crazy, crazy life of mine. I hope it all works out for you :D



The toolbar works great in IE but doesn't work at all in my Firefox 3.0 (which is the browser I use most of the time) Just thought you'd like to know :)
Hang in there with the stress and at least you've got a healthy "crutch" to get through it with the exercise! Could be much worse! :)


Haha. I like Bethany's quote. And what a gal to try and round up some help :) Would you like me to come for an extended visit. Clean and cook while you knit and knit ;D I need to handle stress your way. I stop at the chocolate morsels so no exercise to work them back off, lol. Hang in there. It'll all work out.

I like the navigation bar! Very organized and so helpful <3



I heart the navigaition bar. Do tell me how to do it as I have typepad too.


Tis' the season! LOL Stress is a commen condition at this time of year! Do what you can to destress and remember in time this too shall pass!

I LOVE the new navigation bar! So easy to find things! Thank you!


I'm so sorry about the stress level...it will end eventually, lol. :P Just keep thinking...soon it will all be over, and it will have been worth it! (I'm trying to round up some possible help locally for you- will let you know) :)

PS: Love the new navigation bar...very clean and direct.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving!!! :)


A dear friend of mine always used to say "Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things". Kinda crude, but darn good advice to live by. If eating the dark chocolate and going to TJ Maxx make it better, run with it.

Oh yeah, you've done to help the stress level too haven't you? ;)

Hope things tame down soon!


"Don't STRESS the small stuff" that's what my daughter used to tell me when she was in grade school and I was always stressed. And yes, the dark chocolate never lasted in our home (and still doesn't).

I'll knit while you run...does that even it out?

Soft Hugs!


Don't stress. Life is too short.

I love the new navigation bar. Everyting is so easy to locate. : )


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