my *MINI*
We Saw It...We Loved It.

SuperMail Monday!


My new *mini 9* and my new Ravelry T-shirt arrived here on Monday! I am super psyched. The MINI works beautifully and it will be perfect for the job I have to do--basically just my pattern writing. The Ravelry T-shirt is also so awesome--I wore it today and I even had a few compliments, all of them along the lines--you must knit or you must love knitting. I am glad that I got the t-shirt to support Ravelry and to let others know of my love for the fibery arts. Plus, Bob is just so cute amidst all that yarn...even if I wasn't a knitter I would still wear it.

Pictures: courtesy of my little Photographer: Boyo.



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Isela, you look great! I actually thought that was a clutch you were holding.


Wow! You're a great jumper, lol! ;) Although, I think even I could jump that high if goodies like that arrived in MY mail. What a ton of fun...Congrats!

I think boyo has a future in sports photography...he's great at catching those action shots! :D


Isela, could you be any cuter? You are just the most beautiful girl! I don't think I've ever seen you look anything less then glorious.


Yippee!!! I was going to ask you if it arrived yet. : )

Boyo is a fabulous photographer! Way to go Boyo!!

I am not a Ravelry member, so I won't be able to purchase a rockin t-shirt like that, but I do love it ever so much.


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