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Three FO's!


This weekend was jammed packed with activities. First let me tell you the most important, we went down to SLC and we visited my Brother-in-law, his wife was pregnant and due this month, As they opened the door, I asked when the baby was coming, but it had come already and we didn't even know! It was so great to hold my new little nephew. He is a beautiful, healthy, 7lbs boy. Welcome to the world little B! Sorry, no pics, but as soon as I get one, I'll share ;). He is darling!

BryantStitch's Surfer's Shack

Boyo brought home a paper from school for the Reflections 2008, WOW theme and he wanted to participate in the Arts category. With a time crunch of two days, he had to get creative. He picked up some scrap wood from Sam's shop (they are the middles of some of the sock looms) and he created a masterpiece: Stitch's Surfer's Shack! Check it out! He loves to create with his hands (takes after his Dad) and he loves to paint so this project is 100% Boyo Creativity.

Nyah A Christmas Tree

Little Nyah had a project of her own to do, create a Christmas Tree for her Choir class. Glitter and paint made the project super fun, a few star stickers and we have another masterpiece! She will be using this creation during a performance in December...we are so excited!


Myself, I couldn't stand not having a non-cable project going and since recently I acquired a skein of gorgeous, to die-for, Malabrigo Worsted, I had to try out the Habitat pattern. The hat is gorgeous! I love it. I am in love with the yarn...must acquire more of it. I think Malabrigo Worsted will become my new staple yarn. It is not itchy, it provides great definition for cables and since it is wool it is warm. I love it! More pics of the hat later and more details too. Gotta run to dance class.



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Wow, it all looks great! I used to love doing stuff for Reflections. His surf shack is awesome--I'm excited to hear how he does!

I can't believe how old your kids are looking.


I love the kiddo crafty projects. They did a fabulous job!

Girlfriend, where do you find the time to do everything? I think you are secretly twins. ; )

That hat is amazing. Drool.....



The surfer shack is A+ Awesome!!!

The Christmas Tree is Cheery-riffic!

And the divine Habitat hat - when are you sending it to me? ;D


Oh, what fun! Wait till you get to help put together diaramas...those are quite interesting to do...and to shop for, lol! ;) Our favorite part has always been making little clothespin people for the scenes. :)

Wonderful hat! Just love those cables!

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