SuperMail Monday!
Signs of a Stressed Sprite


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I am soooo Jealous!!! Ican't wait to see it.


Aw, this sounds SO fun! I wanna sneak off to the movies. Maybe not the midnight showing though. I'd probably sleep through half of the show. :)


Ah, so you are a Twilight groupie? So is my niece. I had never even heard of it till about a month ago.

Glad you had a night out with the girls. : )



Will see it sometime next week. For Oldest's bday (she turns 13 tomorrow) I let her read the first 3 books but after reading the last (I read them before her) and talking with her we decided she could wait on the 4th (she knows the basic story line anyway from spoiler friends) She wants to see the movie but goes 'ewww' when they kiss in the trailers. That's my girl! I hope she 'ewwws' for a couple more years! Boys have cooties.


I get to see it tomorrow, I'm so excited:)

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