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An Award: Kreativ Blogger

Kreativ_blogger  I feel honored to receive an award of this magnitude, thank you to Robin from Rockin' the Loom for nominating me for this award. It gives me a little poke to blog a little more about the Kreative aspects of my life.

Here’s what I have to do:  The rules of this award are to list seven things I love and then pass it on to another seven KreativBloggers.

Seven things I love:
1) Swimming
2) Cycling
3) Running
4) Eating (especially after the above 3)
5) Knitting...playing with yarn
6) My children
7) Hanging out friends and family and enjoying #4 :)

The seven bloggers that I nominate to receive this award  are(many of them do not read my blog, but I enjoy their creations and information).

1. MizFit Online (her information just rocks and keeps me motivated)
2. ChefMessy (she loves to create things with her son and it gets me pumped to do the same with my children)
3. Pioneer Woman Photography (her photography is just amazing!)
4. Girl Who Knits (her knitting is fabulous, the best I have ever seen)
5. Susan B. Anderson (she is a designer, a mommy, a runner, and I met her in person)
6. PlanetJune (when I learn to crochet, I'll make every single one of her patterns)
7. BrooklynTweed (well, he is BrooklynTweed, his designs are the best in the industry and his photography gives more beauty to all his amazing designs.)

Again, thank you Robin for the nomination. I promise to post more crafty things soon.


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Aww, thanks Isela! Looks like we read all the same blogs, though you do have a couple listed there that I haven't seen before and am excited to check out! (Pioneer Woman is absolutely my favorite website--reminds me that life can be interesting wherever you live if you make it so!)


You totally deserve the nomination <3 You are awesome!!!

I love PlanetJune's site :) Super cute stuff. And BrooklynTweed is fabulous too. I'll have to check out the rest.


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