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Glynis Socks, Sock Innovation Book

CookieA These socks are amazing! I was one of the lucky people who got to help Cookie A knit some of the sample socks for her book: Sock Innovation

The pattern is great! Easy to read and although the stitch pattern looks complicated, it is not. It is easy enough but yet it has enough lace to keep you interested and on the ball.

Like all of Cookie's patterns, you won't be disappointed with this one. It is well written, and the chart makes the lace section super simple.

 All the socks in the book are amazing! Hubby was even impressed, and it takes a lot for him to be impressed with knitted items. For the first time ever, he said "this book is great! those socks are nice looking!"

Pick up your copy from your local yarn shop or online. You won't be disappointed. Great patterns, well written with superb techniques!

I am already planning to cast on for Angee with some lovely SweetGeorgia Yarn.


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 Brad Powers

Nice article, can't wait to use it for my family reunion this week. You should post it on ( ). I have got a lot of good info on that website and I have posted some of my own. I just have it linked to my home webpage. They have a good search engine and they have graphs to help you track who is reading your articles.


that is a fantastic book. very nice inovations. congrats on making some for her book also:) way neet.


I can't WAIT to get this book. So fun that you got to be involved.

Nadine B

Oh my goodness! I got to see the book this weekend. It is definitely on my to-buy list. And it is even cooler knowing you made some of the samples. Congratulations! Yay


Very pretty! (I think you must have been knitting your little heart out, busy lady ;D) Hugs!

Robin McCoy

So, cool! I was contemplating buying that book....I just haven't made up my mind yet. LOL!

By the way, I gave you an award. You'll see it on my blog. :D

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