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San Diego Here we Come. Part I

Happy 8th Anniversary!


Yesterday was our anniversary. Eight wonderful years together. When I think about it, it seems that it hasn't been long at all, yet we have accomplished so much together. We have two little munchkins, whom we can't live without. We have moved about five times, in those five times, we have owned two homes, including the one in the middle of no-mans-land. We have taken a couple of family vacations, nothing exotic, however, they have brought us together and that's what counts. I have grown older, and so have you, but we still see each other with love and respect and that is what matters most.  Companions we are. I am so grateful that I have chosen you to be by my side for eternity. You love me for who I am and for what I can become. I thank you for supporting me and for uplifting me each and every day. I hope that I am to you what you are to me. Happy anniversary my love. 


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Happy (belated) Anniversary! You are obviously soulmates :)


Aw, so cute :) Happy Anniversary to you and Sam! Hugs!

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