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March Monthly Totals

Runner copy  Woosh! March went by so fast. I think it is the pressing Ogden Half Marathon that makes the days just disappear. As each day passes, I realize that my sorry butt is not ready for the upcoming "race". I want to run outside, I really do, but our weather here in Northern Utah has been the pits! Beautiful sunshine one day and the very next day 10 inches of snow. Maybe if I were a kid, in northern NY, I would be happy for the white fluffy stuff (in NY it seems they cancel school if they get one inch of snow, here, we can be drowning in it and they still expect the kids to show up to school), however, as an adult that needs to drive around and get errands done, the white fluffy stuff gets tiresome after a month or so. Not to mention, I am not hardcore enough to brave the elements while kicking asphalt.

(picture: last year's Ogden Half--my very first half marathon)

Despite the terrible weather, the monthly totals are not completely pathetic. Here is the monthly shot:
It looks quite full each day--except for Sundays which is my rest day. The actual numbers:

I swam a little bit over 15 miles! Quite happy with that number. April won't be as high as I have to dedicate more time to running though.

Spinning and cycling: 140 miles or so. Not bad. If the weather cooperates, this number will start getting higher and higher as our group starts doing Saturday rides.

Running: not good at all. Just 36 miles...what I consider the minimum to keep my legs moving. Again, when the weather starts warming up, this number will increase a little bit.

Weight training: although the numbers report doesn't show this, the monthly does. I did 14 days of strength workouts. I am very pleased about this and I feel the difference. I can see changes happening. The body definitely shows changes faster when weights are involved. Again, I am eager to see what a year of weight training will do to my body.


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You are so dang cute!!!!


you are truly an inspiration... i need to get back to my running - it's been ages!

what program do you use to track your workouts? love i1

Kim Storey

you are doing great with all that bad weather! You can do this!



You go girl! :)

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