San Diego Here we Come. Part I
Somebunny lost a tooth!

San Diego Here we Come. Part II

The second day we spent at a fun place for the kiddos. Legoland. It may sound a bit weird but it is actually a fun place to visit. There are places where the kids can build stuff out of legos but it is not all about that. There are rides that even my shorty little 37 inch Nyah can go on. She was thrilled to go on rides, especially the fast ones. There were so many rides that they really enjoyed, I am just going to highlight the ones that they enjoyed the very most. Of course, if you asked them they'll just tell you "Legoland" the entire thing was the most fun for them. Both, her and Bryant absolutely loved the Coastersauros roller coaster ride that we took. It wasn't anything fancy but it was fast enough for them and for us (we are not avid roller coaster fans). Another place where they just had a blast and we got to sit down and get a breather while they enjoyed themselves was the Hideaways in Castle Hill. If you are planning a visit to Legoland, be sure to put this on your list, probably mid way down the list so that you can take a little break while the Wild Things still play. The last favorite for my kiddos: Volvo Driving school--talk about being excited to get a piece of paper. At the end of the driving, they get their own Driver's License! Yeah, they both wanted drive the car after wards. They have one for little ones (3-5yrs) and one for the older kiddos.


A huge highlight for us, the adults, was viewing all the minilands. Looking at all the different places of the world was fantastic! Both, Sam and I, were in awe of all the time and effort that the builders put into making all the little cities/landmarks. The children thought they were neat too, but not as neat as the rides. I can say that I have seen the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel tower, even if they were made out Legos. Definitely a fun attraction to spend an hour or two observing.


We didn't get to do half the things in the park but we felt that the kids had had plenty of fun. Maybe on a next trip will catch all the other fun things we didn't get to do this time around, such as the Lost Kingdom Land of Adventure (the line for this was super long and I didn't want to waste time waiting on the lines so we just did other stuff). We got there at opening (10am) and we left the place at 6pm...dragging our feet and completely and absolutely exhausted!

Making memories with the kiddos and hubby is sure one of my life's highlights!

Part III to come :)...Seaworld!


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Awesome :) Looks like it was a super fun time. The Lego sculptures are amazing! Legos never look like that around here... ;)


How fun! Family vacations are the best. =)


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