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San Diego Here we Come. Part III

I know it is probably only my Mom who is eager to find out the rest of the story about our trip, so without further interruption, the last installment.

Visiting Seaworld & the San Diego Zoo

CaliforniaVacation09 080
The last adventure happened at Seaworld, San Diego. We loved it! Everything about it was just sensational. Bryant's favorite section was the Shark Encounter. It was amazing walking through the entire exhibit, especially going through the glass tunnel and you can see all the sharks surrounding you. Kind of scary!
CaliforniaVacation09 090
Nyah's favorite part was seeing the dolphin show. It was quite remarkable to see those wonderful creatures so close. They are so friendly and lovely.
CaliforniaVacation09 065
We all enjoyed going to the Shamu Believe show. It was in one word: Inspiring. I came out of that show believing that I could really do anything. It made me think that maybe if I learnt to swim better that I too could become a Shamu trainer. I loved it! We all liked it so much that we came back to the night show to watch the Shamu Rocks on Around the World. It is amazing that they can teach these wonderful creatures so many things and that we can learn from them too.
CaliforniaVacation09 060
On the very last day, we were all tired and ready to come home, however, we still had tickets to go to the San Diego Zoo and the Wild San Diego Zoo. We dragged our tired feet to the San Diego zoo and while the kids started off quite happy within an hour or so of being at the zoo, they grew tired and started whining and fighting. We saw only a few exhibits and we decided that to keep the harmony it was best to pack up and go. Unfortunately, we didn't make it to the Wild San Diego zoo, maybe next time.
Our entire vacation was full of fun and busy all the time (as captured by those last two pictures of the kiddos asleep in the car). It gave us the chance to dedicate our entire time to our children. They were happy that for once our attention was focused 100% on them and not on work or something or other around the house. Personally, I enjoyed having my little family all to myself :).
Momma loves you little ones....I hope we can do this again and again and again.


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It looks like you had a very fun and memorable family trip. How wonderful to have that to look back on! :)

BTW: I have a niece to who majored marine biology in Hawaii and has decided to set up permanent residence there...she gets to regularly swim with the fishes, lol.


I've loved seeing the photos from your vacation. So fun :) And the pictures of your little ones sleeping are just precious. Don't you just love watching your children sleep? I had Tristan climb into bed with me late last night and snuggle in close. Then in the wee hours of the morning his sister climbed up on the other side of me and patted my cheek a few times before drifting back off to sleep. I laid there listening to them snore softly and just watched their peaceful faces <3 Hugs


The pics of your sleeping kiddos are so adorable. It looks like you all had a blast on vacation.


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