San Diego Here we Come. Part II
San Diego Here we Come. Part III

Somebunny lost a tooth!


And Momma helped. It was just dangling there for a few weeks and I couldn't take it any longer. I decided to "look at it" and I grabbed a paper towel to cover any bleeding. He was just sitting there letting me "look at it". I told him it was really wiggly. He said "don't pull it". I said I didn't but I did. There were a few tears (his little eyes still look watery in the pic) but nothing that ice cream couldn't fix. It is his first top tooth lost. He has a new window and it makes for some funny moments :)


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Awwww, smoochy kissy face! He looks adorable. Yikes, how did he get so big already? Wasn't he just a toddler yesterday?



So cute!

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