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Joys of Staying Home

Tuesdays and Thursdays I get to stay home from work and besides getting caught up with work around the house, I also have the chance to reconnect with my little ones. 


Today, Nyah had one of her little friends over, from all things they could do, they decided they wanted to have "brunch" LOL. Nyah cooked for them: chicken nuggets. They even had dessert! Nyah had made Turtle cookies on Monday with her Grandma: chocolate cookies with mint stuff in the middle. They were so excited and I just loved seeing them and hearing them have brunch.

Some of the conversation was about the chocolate cookies and went like this: 

G: "Nyah, your Mom makes great cookies"

N: "oh, she didn't make them. I made them with my Grandma. Mom doesn't like to cook cookies because she eats them so I go to Grandma's to make them.

G: "What did you do to make them"

N: "I spread the green minty stuff on them"

G: "Are you sure it is mint? It looks like frosting!"

N: "It is not frosting, it is mint stuffing"

G: "Stuffing? I like stuffing"

N: "Me too"

The conversation then moved to the fact that I was on the computer

G: "Your Mom works on the computer a lot, just like my Dad"

N: "No, she is not working, she is texting on Facebook!"

G: "Oh, my Dad works like that too"



Oh yeah, did I mention that her little friend is a HE...yeah, it is one of her favorite friends. She is usually day dreaming that one day she and him will get married. One afternoon, she kept saying her name along with his last name. Quite cute and funny that she is already thinking along those lines. I always joke around with his Mommy about us being related in the future. Chances are that we won't but it is nice seeing our children being such great friends! I love my neighborhood :)


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haha! super cute post and pics :)

Robin McCoy

LMBO! I love listening to my two pretend in the kitchen...this morning they were talking about being an old grandpa and grandma and they were...wait for it....KNITTING with pencils. Thade says, in this old shaky voice, "I need to knit me some pants. I have no pants!" LOL!

Oh, and I meant to ask you if Nyah likes/liked Dora? They have this new stuff on the internet where Dora is growing up some and she has a group of 4 friends. The first one they mentioned was Nyah and I thought she looked a lot like your Nyah. :D I bet it would be fun to pretend that she is actually have adventures with Dora!

Jenny Stark

That is just the cutest! :) I love the way kids think <3 Fun post! Hugs!


They are adorable kiddos :)


hahaha! Kids are just so fun, aren't they? :)
I think every grown up girl remembers their first childhood love and supposed future hubby, lol!

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