Ramping it Up
Of Fireflies and Pink

It Pays Off!

I have been working out so hard this last week that every day come 8pm I am ready to go to bed. Usually my schedule only includes a couple of hours of workout a day but I have been going to the gym and extra hour here and there. Why? Well, I have been eating like a piggy and my philosophy is that if I put it in the tank I should workout even more.

Remember I told you that I started a few new classes, when I started, I didn't know if they would help out in slimming me down. I mean, I workout consistently and my weight has been the same for about a year now but then the other day I decided to measure myself, the last time I measure was at the beginning of December and I thought that due to the holidays and all the chocolate oranges I ate that I would be bigger. Big surprise when I saw my numbers down all around. I went down a whole inch around my belly button and around my natural waist. I am so stoked!

Anyways, if you are like me and are on the fence about trying something new in your workout routine, don't hesitate, try a new class and shake things up a bit. You may get a big surprise next time you take the measuring tape to your waist!


Weekly totals

59 miles

Running: 10 miles

Cycling: 48 miles

Total workouts: 12 (Body Pump, Turbo, running, cycling, elliptical, weight lifting)


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