Ironman Boise 70.3

Workouts, Fears and Knits

Since I signed up all I can think about is the long arduous 70.3 miles: the swim, the bike, the run. I keep finding bumps where I may break and not be able to get up. The run which I thought would be the easiest, now I am thinking that it may not. I can run 13 miles, I know I can, but can I run 13 miles without music, especially after being alone for 4+ hours on the bike. I think I may turn into one of those loony bins who will be singing at the top of her lungs just to keep moving forward. Now the bike, how about if I get lost. I have never ridden by myself, I always have a friend with me. The swim, crap, this part is where it gets scary. How about if I get hit in the face and I get a bloody nose, or worse, I get clunked out, will I drown. Then the next big thing, a wetsuit. I don't own a wetsuit. I have to start looking into getting one and practicing open water swims. In the Utah tundra that's going to mean freezing my butt not to mention looking like a whale in the process.

So many things to think about that I didn't have a chance to think about before. I am double thinking this entire issue...I can't back out now. I am just going to have to buckle down, strap myself to the horse and ride until the show ends. Gosh, I am not feeling at all secure at this moment.

To distract me, my KnitPicks catalog came and I can finally show you one of the knits that I completed a few months ago. It was a fun distraction, the picot cuff, then the gorgeous purples! The colorwork repeat was a bit tricky to remember but once I got the first sock done the second was easy. The little flowers are easy and they truly make the sock! My lovely socks are on page 19 of the Colorwave catalog.

KPSample DSC07762

Lastly my weekly workout report: 13 total workouts. Not bad for an off season week.


The breakdown is as follows:

46 miles total

Run: 10

Cycle: 36

Lifted weights 4x this week, three times on my own, 1 Body Pump class, 2 Turbo Kick classes.

Goals for this week: hit the pool at least twice, preferably three times. 

Another goal: quit pushing myself down about the 70.3. I need to start believing that I can do it.


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I like these socks.


Love those sock too!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love, love, love the socks! I have been sock knitting lately too.

I know you will do a great job in the half ironman. Just relax and let your strength inner come through.


Jo, I am doing a half ironman. 1.2mile swim. 56mile bike. Half marathon. I need to complete a half before I am allowed to enter a full.
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I thought your triathlon was an Ironman? When my sissy did hers it was a 2.5 mile swim, a 110 mile bike, and then a marathon. What are your distances? Is it regular triathlon distances rather than ironman or sprint?


The little flowers are embroidered, they were a bit of a pain to do all around the sock but after the first few I got the hang of it and I got smart and didnt have to clip the yarn on every single flower. The socks turned out really cute and I had a hard time sending them out to Knit Picks. There are two socks by the way, I just didnt take a picture of both of them. I thought I did, but I cant find it. I tried taking a picture of the catalog to show them but my camera is dead.


Hi there Sprite :),
Nice to see you again, happy New Year. I will try to find a local tri club...crossing fingers.


hahaha, I bet you are thinking that I am a nut case. I will find out if there are any clubs around here that do open water swims and see if I can tag along. I can do this. I can...


Silly fabulous girl. I don't think you could look like a whale if you tried. You will be great!

Look at those pretty socks! Very lovely work. And the flowers do add a lot to the sock. Looks like they are embroidered on after the sock is knitted? Very sweet :)

Great week you've recorded on daily mile. I did maybe a block of running 2 days ago and still can barely walk! I must have granny legs, haha.


(the other) sprite

Gorgeous sock!

I echo Ladyrunner's comment to seek out a tri club near you. Two friends did a mini Ironman a few years back and they really found that training with other tri participants helped them come "game" day.


The sock is gorgeous!!!

About the race. First -- take a deep breath. It's going to be fine.

Second -- the run. Practice now running without the music. It can be done.

Third -- the bike. Drive the course before the race so you can feel confident you know where your going. Also, there will likely be other people around you while riding. Just don't draft!! ;)

Fourth -- the swim. It my understanding that the Ironman people are VERY prepared for the swim part. Just make sure you wear the cap they give you. They will be on the lookout for people who are "clunked out" and get them out of the water.

When training in the pool, ask your kids (or other kids at the pool) to bump into you, push you, etc. That will give you the confidence to get through that situation.

The wetsuit is good idea. But what is the average water temperature in the lake in Boise that time of year? That will make a difference if your allowed to race in a wet suit (some tri's have that rule -- I'm not sure if Ironman does).

Find out if there is a local tri-club where you are. Sometimes tri-clubs do open water swims together.

Smile. Be confident. It will turn out fine.

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