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Birthdays, Visits, and Time Off

The last two weeks in January were some of the best of the month. We got to celebrate my little boyo's 8th birthday! I still can't believe that my little boyo is eight! Eight!!! You know what that means, I am getting old...some days, I feel it too, hahaha. Happy Birthday Boyito!!!

His 8th birthday is quite a milestone as it is the date he can get baptized :). On January 30th, my little Boyito got baptized and confirmed. He looked so handsome and radiant in his white clothes. I love you little one.

A day after his birthday, my Momma and little Bro came to visit us from NY. It is always a blast having her over. She loves the kids dearly and the kids love her. The kids adore uncle Eddie. He is old enough to pick them up but young enough to still want to play with them. Grandma was here for five days only but they were the best five days of January. She just makes everything feel alright and less chaotic. I can leave for work knowing that my kids will be taken care of at home. I come back from work and guess what, dinner is ready and the dishes are clean, clothes folded and my kids are happy and in turn I am happy too. I miss my Momma and it is not just because of the things she does around here but because her presence alone brings me happiness. I can hardly wait til she moves here from NY. She will always be a New Yorker at heart but her heart now belongs in Utah with her little grandkids. 

A few days before Boyo's birthday, we got a Wii. Actually, I got it for his birthday but decided against gifting it to him and rather make it a family present, just to avoid the "it is mine, you can't play with it" theme. It has been one of the best entertainment toys we have gotten them. They are still playing their video games but they are moving around, not sitting in front of the TV or computer. Hubby and I also have enjoyed it. We have played a few boxing matches and a little bit of the Bowling. It could definitely be a nice date activity. 

What else...hmmm, oh yeah, my cyst that I had taken out on my back put me out of the gym for 10 days. I sporadically went to the gym for an hour each day just enough to keep the edge off. I get very moody when I don't go to the gym to release some tension. I don't do much besides work and housework and the gym provides the release I need to continue being part of society without being kicked out to a remote island. Anyways, the training was way low for the last 2 weeks in January. Granted, I did at least 5 hrs each week and although that is normal for a lot of people, it is not for me, in my book I consider that slacking off. I have learned to expect more out of me especially because I eat like a hog.

Two other great things in January: I signed up to become a spin instructor. At the end of February, I will be taking classes to become Les Mills RPM certified. I have been looking for an opportunity like this one for a very long time. I wanted to lose some of my mid section first so they could consider me for the job and now that I don't have so much of a spare tire, I feel more at ease applying for such a position. It is silly that although I hold a bachelors degree all I want to do is just be a trainer/spin instructor. The second great thing I did: I applied for US citizenship! I am currently a resident of the US and I have been putting it off for awhile not because I don't want to, rather, the $700 fee that they charge to apply was cause enough to put it on the back burner. It definitely puts a dent in the pocket but I think it is time, plus once I receive it, I won't have to renew my residency...sweet!

January Highlights


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Congratulations to Boyo on his 8th birthday. Very special day <3

Super nice news that your Momma will be moving out this way!

Good for you on the spin instruction and the citizenship. Hugs!


Spin instructor is an awesome deal!
Also-congrats becoming a citizen..time for a party?


congrats to your little boy! its a big day indeed!

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