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Look at me! I am sporting my brand new banner, designed by GreenCouchDesigns! Cynthia is the best graphic designer I have encountered. I giver her a general idea of what I want, she asks me my favorite colors and then she turns around and gives me a complete theme. Thank you Cynthia!

I love my new banner! It wraps everything about my blog-life, triathlon training and knitting. Hubby was being funny and saying that instead of it saying "swim, bike, run, knit" that is should read "swim, bike, run, eat" hehehe. He is so cheeky! 

What do you all think of my new banner?

The last week has been spent on training. Running, cycling, swimming, lifting weights has taken over my life. Even hubbers tells me that all I talk about lately is training and all I ever do is head to the gym. Even my daughter this morning pointed out that it wasn't so cold outside so I could probably run outside but that I didn't have a babysitter so I would have to run on the treadmill. I am tired, very tired! Each day around 8pm I feel that I am just going to drop dead on the bed and sleep, then if I don't go to bed then I get my second wind and I stay up til 1am. Some afternoons, I have even taken advantage of cat naps on the couch. I guess being tired is a true signed of training season being in full swing.

Today, I attended my first Masters Swim class. I signed up with one goal in mind, to become more efficient and learn better technique. Well, I am going to get just that, no icing on the cake either. The coach is great, she knows what she is doing, I on the other hand, don't know anything about swimming. I know how to get from one side to the other and back and forth over and over but not efficiently, so I was told. I have a lot of work to do to get better. On the upside, I have only one way to go--up! Humble-pie doesn't taste very good but it may make me a better swimmer. It is difficult un-learning everything and learning a new technique.

Cycling will increase this coming week and since the weather in Cache Valley is still nasty, I am doomed to the trainer. I don't know how I am going to survive 2+ hours on the thing. I have tried movies, I have tried music but 1hr is the most I can make it. Tomorrow, I am supposed to cycle for 2hrs, I am instead going to go to two spin classes back to back.

In the running department, it is a little tricky. The half ironman is only a half marathon distance, however, I have a marathon mid May so I have to train for that first. I guess I will be running a little more than what the half ironman distance calls for, but it should help in the long run.

On knitting news: the new Lexi bag pattern is over at and the new free Pattern of the Month is up!


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LOVE IT! :o)

Brenda GA

The new banner is awesome! It suits you to a "T".


Yay!! And thank *you*!!! You're so inspiring!!


Oooh, fab new banner! It's so stylish and perfect :)

Well, since hubby says you love to eat, I guess you can manage that humble pie ;) You'll do great, you always do. You are amazing, girl!



Love the new banner! I love the pink theme, and the artwork is perfect. =)


With four daughters I have learned to really love pink.

I think it's darling!


I love it!


Thank you Maria :). I really love it!

Maria Tovar

Isela, I just love the new banner of you blog!!!!
It is exactly your present life and the designer pictures exactly you. Enjoy your training and your life. Love. Maria


I *do* so love Cynthias work. She always makes my banners/logos rock!


That banner is SO PerFECT!!! Love it! :D She really does awesome work. You sure have a busy line-up ahead of you...I'm sure you'll do great at everything! :)

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