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A few days ago we had a fun theme over at DailyMile where we got to post pictures of Before n After. At first, I really didn't seem that eager to post a picture of the before then I started looking at pictures and seeing how much I have changed over the past two years (almost three now) and I got the courage to post them.

Things weren't easy and a lot of work has gone into the little bit of transformation. Unlike many people out there, I was cursed with a body that keeps all its fat around its middle. I have skinny, wimpy, spaghetti like arms and legs and a huge midsection. Losing weight affects me in a peculiar way: I lose all the chubs off my arms and legs, then I am left with a flabby, squishy middle, which is a great on the Pillsbury Boy but not so great on a humanoid like myself.

Beforeandafter The 2007 picture was right at the beginning of the year, if not at the very end of 2006. At this point, I had been running for about 3 months, I was running a steady 2 miles, killing myself doing it too, going an all 11 minute miles. Speedy Gonzales was my name!

Fast forward 2 years and we have the picture on the left, during the Ogden Half Marathon. At this point, I had been working out consistently for 2 years. Running, cycling and swimming. I barely had started integrating some weight lifting in my life. During that half marathon, my average per mile was 8:10, a huge improvement from two years prior.

As I look at these pictures and others that I have taken over the past two years, I can see a lot of change physically, but what you can't see is the mental change that I have undergone.

I always thought that I could never run more than 2 miles and in that picture of 2007, I thought that I was at my max. I thought that I had a body that couldn't change and a heart that couldn't handle very long workouts. What I've learned is that the body is one of the most amazing machines in the world, it adapts, it grows, and as you push it and push it, its endurance grows to match it. I have learned that I have the heart to complete anything that I really dream and yearn for as long as I put the work forward. I have read in many places that running is 90% mental and 10% talent, it is true. I have about .0001% of talent but what I lack in that area, my heart screams to my mind at each step, it is your dream, we can do it, a dream is becoming reality.

My midsection is still chubby compared to a lot of women who exercise as much as I do, but it is not about having a thin waist or a super ripped body. I'll take my body as is as long as it can take me wherever my mind and heart wants to go, 26.2 miles today, 70.3 miles tomorrow, 140.6 in the near future.


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I have gone through the same transformation as you over the years. I am always more surprised by my personal growth than by my fitness gains.

I'm glad I have the opportunity to get to know you through our blogs. It is funny because I also love knitting!!

I hope we get to meet in Boise!


Hi, I just found your blog and it was so inspirational for me to read this. I am a singer (and singing is very physical) and I am finding that I can do more than I thought I could. It's a great feeling.

Also, I have the exact same body type as you. It really is a curse, heh. I could stand to lose about 15 pounds right now and I just look pregnant. Well, maybe I will keep reading your blog to get some inspiration for getting in shape. :)


Thanks Brenda for visiting the blog :).



Hi Isela. Just wanted to drop by and say hi. Your pics looks like totally different people. I love to see you knit. The socks are awesome. Take care, BrendaLee


AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. You've done a tremendous job and inspire a lot of people.


This is a great tip.


You look fabulous! How awesome is your dedication. You inspire me.


You don't know how encouraging and inspiring this post is for so many!

I just started running back in the fall for a cheap way to lose weight and transform my body. It is HARD work and SO empowering!!!

Thanks for reminding us how tenacity can change anything! Keep going!


You're amazing Isela & so inspiring!!
& I gave you an award beautiful lady!


Wow! Look at you! I hope Sam has showered you with lots of sexy lingerie over those 2 years! I bet you could rock it!


You have no chubs. You are absolutely a stunner :) I can't run. The dr that diagnosed my ruptured disc told me that 10 years ago but I recently thought maybe I could anyway. Haha. I was pathetic for 4 days. Hubby asked why I was walking like his Mom (she's nearly 80) LOL. But even though I can't run, you inspire me to quit slacking and do better. Hugs and loves!


You are amazing! Thanks for posting the pics... another reason for me to continue getting up early in the morning and plugging away one mile at a time:)

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