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20 miler under the belt...3 weeks left til M-day!

My last 20 miler was surely an adventure. I can really say that I am now a runner. I think the title truly needs to be earned and I believe I have now earned it for sure. I have ran in the snow. I have ran when it is hailing buckets. I have ran when the wind is just crazy as ever that I think that I might as well be tied to a tree since I wasn't moving anywhere. I have ran in the middle of the Utah summers at midday to the point where I thought I was hallucinating. Then this last Friday, I ran in the rain, not a short run, nor did I start running when it was nice and sunny and then it started raining, nope, I got out of my house knowing full well that I was in for a soaking! I ran knowing that probably by mile 10 my clothes would be completely soaked and my toes would be prune-like by mile 5, but I knew that I had to run, I knew that the calendar called for 20 and if you don't give 20 now and go through the pain, the day of the marathon would surely see you pay for not running those 20. Training is hard but I love the process, it truly sets your mind for the worst that may happen during race day. Now, if it happens to rain the day of the race, I know that I have it in me to run it because I have gone through it during my training.


How does running 20 miles feel like? Let me tell first when you step through your front door, you feel like you have reached the promised land. You run to the sink and get a full glass of water and chug it down without having to worry about the slush effect in your belly. Then after chugging the water, you reach to the pantry and get the protein bottle which for some reason seems super huge in your tiny shaking hands, you pour some milk in a glass and try to stir in some of the protein. You chug that down and then plop yourself down on the floor trying to stretch the legs. As you bend down, you feel your legs heavy as lead. You stretch one leg to the front in a runners lunge and feel the twinge in the inner thigh...owie. Switch legs and then more owie. As you go through the entire set of stretches for a good 10 minutes, pulling your legs one way and then another in an effort to minimize the pain that would surely come if you don't stretch. Then the worst part is yet to come, the cryotherapy! Oh how I hate thee and love thee at the same time.

You fill the tub up halfway with cold water and then you add ice, then you proceed to gently put one toe at a time inside the tub. As one foot is completely immersed under the ice water, you think to yourself, is this really worth it and then you convince yourself that it is and then you put your other foot in. The foot is not so bad so you try to throw some water on your legs trying to cool them off little by little so the shock is not so bad. Ten minutes later and you have finally gotten enough courage to immerse both legs. As you sit there in the cold ice bath, you start thinking of the 20 long miles you have just ran. You think of the pain that hit your right ITBand at mile 15, of the stupid rock that got into your shoe at mile 8 and that you finally took it out at mile 16 because what at first felt like a grain of sand at mile 16 felt more like mount Olympus, and then you think of the fact that you pushed your body through 20 long miles and that it kept up. 20 long miles in just 3 hours. 20 miles closer to that 26.2 miles and it is all worth it.I love running! I have a passion for it beyond words. I love seeing what my body can do, the power that my mind has over it. 

Good running to you all this week!

Picture: Found it via Quadraton  last week :). Some days, I do need motivation like the one pictured to get out there.

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Yeah...for the 20 mile run! Yeah....for the 20 mile run in the rain!! of this moment you are winning the bike for your mom!!! and.... Yeah.... you won the entry from @goSonja...we will not only see you in Boise but in Highlands Ranch as well!!!! Yeah...You are a RUNNER!!!!!


You are one dedicated woman. I can't imagine taking an ice bath!!!! I hate taking a bath after too many kids have showered because it is luke warm. I like my skin red when I get out of the tub...not blue!

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