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Some days are definitely better than others, some days you hit it out of the park and some days you can hardly hit it hard enough to go a foot. This last week saw me with Spring Break which in turn means kiddos at home and very little time to train. At first I was feeling so guilty for not getting all my usual workouts in and then by mid-week I realized that it really wasn't that important if I didn't hit my Body Pump classes or my favorite Turbo Kick class, some days, I just have to take it slow and savor the moment. 


Monday: OFF

Tuesday: OFF


Got out there and ran 6 miles: 52:54


Taught spin class twice! I taught a 30 minute class in the morning and then I taught the evening class for 1 hour. 25 miles: 1:30. I am really loving leading in the spin class. You get so much energy from the room that I find it easy to push myself more and more.

Swam: 2200 yards. I was able to go to my Master Swim class. I have improved so much in this area, granted, I sucked before so there was only one way to go--up! I recorded my fastest 100yd time yet! 1:35!!! This is almost as exciting as discovering electricity!!!


Hubby took the kiddos with him to work and I was able to put in my usual workouts. It was so nice of him to give me the day :).

Swam 2200 yards: An easy day at the pool, lots of straight swimming with drills in between to keep reminding my body of proper technique.

Run: 18 miles. Marathon training sometimes is so evil! I really didn't want to put in the time nor the miles but I know that time put in right now will pay off later. I am six weeks away from the marathon and I only have 2 more long runs to do before my taper. The run went well for the first 5 miles I thought I could go on forever, then the sun came out and I started getting hot. The plan was for me to do a loop twice, stopping at the house midpoint, however, I knew that mentally, as soon as I saw the house, my body would want to stop so I decided to take a run up the canyon. Smart idea however I didn't plan on my water running out. I made my 10oz of water last til mile 10, then I chugged my GU down and the last of my water. I was praying that someone was outside their house so I could beg them for water. Finally around mile 12, I saw a gentleman raking his front lawn. He was so nice and so eager to help me. He brought me the coldest water ever! Not only did he fill my Nathan bottle but he brought me a glass of water too. Not thinking I chugged the glass of water down, which felt amazing going down! After thanking him for saving my life, literally, I started running only to fill the swish-swish of the water in my belly. I made a mistake drinking all that water and I knew it right away. I started getting a side ache and wishing I could stop.

By mile 15, I wanted to stop. I seriously didn't want to keep going any longer. However, home was still 3 miles away so there was only one thing to do, keep on going. I decided to switch from straight running, to run 3 minutes, walk 1 minute. The walks seemed dumb however I think they were the only reason I made it back home. I was starving, literally picturing Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches each step I gave.

Six weeks away is very close...I have two more long runs 20 and 22 before the marathon. I will be better prepared this next time around with my Hydration belt and perhaps a sandwich :).


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You are amazing, girl! :)

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