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Baby Hats

I have been busy these past few days, taper around here usually means extra time for knitting. I mean, what is a girl to do if she can't be outside running or biking or swimming, the only alternative left is knitting (yeah, I could clean the house too but I am not going to).

Two babies were born in the neighborhood on May 5th and I just had to knit a little something for them. One of the hats is not pictured as I gave it away before I could snap a picture (actually, I took a picture but it was with my phone and it turned out craptastic--the picture, not the hat).

My favorite little model is wearing the little hats--they are supposed to fit a newborn, baby C is now two months getting close to three so they fit a little snug around his little noggin.

First up: the Two by Twos stripes:

Baby C is such a good baby model! He just sleeps and covers his little face :). I made two of this pattern, one of them has brown and blue the other has gray and blue stripes.

Next: the Slanted Stripes: 


Patterns: They are my own patterns. I would need to sit down and write them down exactly, I have a vague idea of what I just give me a couple of days...years...centuries and I'll get them done. :). For my loomy friends, these were needle knitted but I'll try to write something similar for the looms.

One last picture...he was waking up....he is so blooming adorable! I love you baby C.



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Super cuteness...(both the baby and the hats!) ;D

le chat qui coud

how cute!!!! both of them :)


So adorable (baby and hats).

The "swirly" stripes hat is awesome.


hehehe! how little do you need them to be? do you want them stripes or
solids? hehehe :). I love knitting little things for babies so if there
is anything you need right away let me know. If I have the colors, I
can knit it in a few hours, if I dont, I will have to order the yarn
and then I can get working. Just let me know :).


So cute!! I need a girl one pronto :) and boy too I guess. Could you do a purple one..maybe a dark green and tan..:) oh boy I could go quite crazy for these cute little things.

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