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Smithfield Health Days 10K

I finished my very first 10K!!!! The day was super cold, so cold that during the first half of the race all I could think about was how cold the air felt going in through my nostrils. Before the race, I met Mel, she just came over to me and asked if I was Purling Sprite, I said yep, well, it turns out she lives in the neighboring town and she reads my blog---how cool is that!!! I thought it was really cool! She blogs over at AchillesMe :). She was so nice and friendly. It is neat to meet other blogger runners. I used to meet a lot of other blogger knitters and now I am starting to meet blogger runners and triathletes, the world is so small :).

Hubby was with me to run the 10K too. Note: he was with me, that didn't mean he was running with me. As soon as the "gun went off" he left me in the dust! I find it amazing that although I have been training my butt off for the past year, he can just start running a week prior and just pick up where he left off a year before. All I saw of the guy was his back, my only saving grace is that Mel kept up with him to the very end! 

I wish I had photos, but I don't :(. It is hard to put a camera in your pocket when running...I guess I could do it, but I need the least amount of weight on me so I can run my fastest.

The course was an out and back up Smithfield Canyon. Half way all uphill and then all downhill we were told, however around mile 4.5 there was a short killer uphill that I wasn't expecting. The first half went without a hitch, I was waiting for the uphill to come, just reserving my legs and I couldn't see the uphill coming then I reached the half way point and to my amazement realized that I *had* run the uphill, obviously it was just a gradual uphill that didn't kill me. After the turn around point, I knew that I had to give it all I had so I ran downhill as fast as I could only to be presented with the "short" killer uphill at mile 4.5. The hill wasn't long, maybe 300 yards but steep as hell! I remember just looking at the ground and saying to myself, it is flat, it is flat! My quads were burning when I reached the top of the hill. Once at the top there was a flat area and then the course went back down. At the last little downhill, I just gave it all I had going down the hill like a little goat. Once I saw the Finish Chute, I just cranked it out and pumped the arms to the end.


48:07:3 (7:44min/Mil)

14th place overall

9th in Women 30-39

A friend over at DailyMile mentioned to me that he doesn't know very many people who have completed a Marathon without completing a 10K first...I guess I am a little nutty that way. :)


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I'm running my first 10 K in marathon, so you're not the only nutty one!

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