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Easter Fun at Grandma's

Grandma Phelps put together a little Easter Egg hunt for the grandkids this year, my kiddos were super excited to go and search for eggs. I was a totally lame Mom and completely forgot to get them a basket, although, they both have beautiful knitted baskets but I forgot them at home.

Easter Hunt 041

I also get the Mother of the Year award for not getting them a little basket or egg for Sunday. I felt terrible about it but I was feeling so sick and still so exhausted from the traveling that I completely spaced it. I tried to redeem myself by going early morning to KMart and buying them a stuffy and an egg filled with candy--I scored, I got it all 40% off (perhaps, I am not totally lame).

Easter Hunt 002
One of my favorite pictures--little Nyah, although she is 6 years old, she still needs her Daddy next to her to feel safe and protected :). I wonder if she will always feel like that towards us.

Easter Hunt 012
Boyo and one of his cousins decided to join efforts and search for as many eggs as they could find and then share in the exploits! Little bandits had a bag full of eggs.

Easter Hunt 020

Gradma's house and surrounding land is the perfect place to hide eggs! They have little barns/houses, chicken coops all around the area. We, the adults, had a fun time hiding the eggs for the kiddos.

Easter Hunt 021


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