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Five Socks Sampler

Socks 010

My last sample test knit included making 5 sockies. At first, I thought to myself 5 socks, who would want only 5 socks, but it works great for me as I have about 6 socks downstairs waiting for a mate to be knitted. I loved knitting these as it provided me with a little bit of everything, including knitting socks from the toe up. I don't know why but I find knitting them toe up to be a weird way to knit socks, it was a challenge at first but by the time the second toe up sock came along I had the technique down, except I realized a little too late that it called for a swirl toe, so I had to rip it out again, and again, and again. I love doing sample knits, it allows me to learn new techniques that I wouldn't try on my own and it also allows me to simple sit down and knit :).




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essay writers

they really looks great! i want some of them!

Kelly Jones

Those look great! Love the patterns.

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