Cat's Paw Headband Stitch Breakdown

Back on the road


Training starts tomorrow for my running season and I am very glad it does. I need some sort of distraction and this may just be the ticket. I jumped this year to the Intermediate Marathon training program and I think it is going to kick my a$$. I don't think I am ready for that much mileage but I will give it my best effort. Just thinking that my first long run is this Saturday and it is a 9 miler is already sending my legs into panic mode. Oy! I better strap on the shoe laces really well and get ready for another awesome ride. May the force be with me as I embark on my 4th year of running.

First Month of marathon training



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I use TrainingPeaks.com. I bought the Runners World program for Intermediate level. I used the Beginner for my first few marathons and it worked great.


Hey Isela what marathon training plan are you using??
I love the notes on each day and would love to load/buy it!

Jolene Torgler

Good luck on your new adventure into the Intermediate Triathalon!!! If you ever get a chance, I love the Cat's Paw Headband, and have tried making it. I get to the star part, and mess up, somehow. Am hoping that you will do a video or tutorial on how to do the star parts ( rows 5, 7 and 9)... :) Thank you for all of the wonderful patterns and the tutorials on how to do them! Am cheering you on...!!! Go, Isela, Go!!!

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