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Benchmark Day: Karen


I have come to love Friday's, not only because it is the end of the work week, but also because it is CFSTthe day when we do our benchmarks at crossfit. I love to keep track of my workouts just to see if I have improved and benchmarks allow me to just that. I can look back and see my progress.

I have been wanting to time myself throwing the 14lb ball up to the line for just 100 times, well, today, I got the chance to do that, except 150 times! I have had a cold for a few days and being under the weather is good thing at all but I still went in there hoping to do my best under the circumstances. I prepared myself this morning by drinking my green smoothie :). I know, I am a dork but it does make me feel better when I drink it. It somehow makes me feel healthier, stronger, cleaner.

Gave it a good effort and only took breaks after the first 35 or so then I took a break every 10 or if I dropped the ball, I would take a mini break. My time for 100 was 5:10 and I was stoked! :) My final time, 7:57!!!

Yes, I kind of slid down the 8 minute mark and I am so proud of myself. It is my first time doing Karen and now I have a benchmark to beat. I am so stoked about it, I want to go back again this afternoon with my hubby and do it again, but I shouldn't. My arms are tired from this week's workouts and I should rest up and get rid of this cold.


The peeps from WOD Love send me this awesome tank top this week for entering a contest on their FB page. It is my new favorite!!! Of course, I just had to wear it to benchmark day :) and I jumped up on the bar to snap a few pictures with my phone. Thank you at WOD Love. I truly love my tank top :). I am also sporting my new sockies from, love the fact that they have an actual heel, hate tube socks! I would just like to see them in smaller size. I am a size 6 and the heel to toe length is a little bit too big for me but still the socks are amazing!



And in other crossfit progress: I can now do 3 chin ups unassisted! For two weeks now, I have been testing the arms to see if I could pull myself up and for two weeks, I have been able to do pull myself up 3 times, full extension on the way down and then all the way up. Next--see if I can do 4 :)

Chin up



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