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Benchmark Day: Karen

Tabata Something Else


Tabata Something Else

RX--So freaking proud of this one. It was difficult and it truly took everything in me to stay focus, especially in the push ups (thanks to Hubby for pushing me through it all)

20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest
8 Rounds of each movement

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Sit-ups
  • Squats

Add all the reps for total score.

My total: 411

Kipping pull ups killed me this time around. My arms are tired from swimming this week and I felt it on the pull ups. I knew that if I could get thru the pull ups, the rest would be easier. Then half-way through the pull ups, I hit my bottom teeth on the bar-ouch!

Push ups were easy at first but as I kept going my arms were on fire! I was trying to stay as close to hubby as I could but he is a machine when it comes to push ups.

Sit ups were ok. Again, tried to keep up with hubby but he was just a tad faster. I averaged about 12 in most of the reps.

My strongest part was the squats. I was cranking out 20+ in 20 seconds with a max of 24 in one of them. It was my saving grace in this WOD and the only part were I could make up some reps.


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Jolene Torgler

I'm exhausted just reading about your work outs! LOL! I finished a little felted knick-knack box from your new Loom Knitting book, LOOM KNITTING SCARVES, HATS, BAGS & MORE. Just love it, and it is the perfect size to hold my eye drops container for my (bleh) glaucoma (bleh)... LOL! Keep up your good work, and I'll be a sideline cheerleader :) "Go, Isela, Go!

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