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Tooth Fairy Duty


She has lost 2 teeth! Last week, she pulled one off and then this weekend, the second one! The second one was wiggly and we kept telling her that we were going to pull it off.  She wouldn't have it. She didn't want anyone in the house to pull it out. She wanted to do it herself. Then on Saturday, I saw her with a towel and an ice in front of the mirror. I told her to just keep moving it and numbing it with the ice. I went in to get a shower and by the time I was out, she was proudly smiling up at me, showing me that she had pull it out herself!

Tooth Fairy duty came that night and I won mother of the year award by forgetting. Sunday, she was in tears because the tooth fairy had completely forgotten to stop by and pick up her tooth. We made up a little story and thankfully, she believed it.

The amazing part is that we called Grandma in NY on Sunday to tell her that NyNy had lost another tooth. Grandma quickly responded by saying that the Tooth Fairy had stopped at her house the night before and looked for NyNy's tooth there and when he couldn't find it, he left the money and a note telling Mom and Dad to save the tooth. My wonderful Momma, although, I didn't tell her that I had forgotten, she saved my butt and my little darling was super happy that the tooth fairy had not forgotten about her.

I only have a few years left of this wonderful stage with my children and I am cherishing each and every moment. They are my life!



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I saw her with a bath towel and an ice before side of the reflection. I informed her to just keep going it and mind-numbing it with the ice. I went in to get a bathtub and by time I was out, she was happily happy up at me, displaying me that she had take it out herself!


She's such a cutie-pie with that big hole where her new teeth will come in! I have always loved those phases when their smiles are so awkward, silly...and just so precious! :) You are so right to savour these moments of motherhood. <3

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