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Crossfit Open: WOD 12.2

My heart fell when I read the WOD. Snatch, 45, 75, 100, 120#s! I am not strong. I am weak and puny. I was feeling so bad and dissapointed about myself...all this before I had even attempted the workout.

I did the 45# just fine. I broke them up into sents of 10 and got them done in a jiffy. I had over 7 minutes left in the clock.

Then, I had to load the bar with the next weight, 75#. Sigh. I was deflated. I had never snatched that much. My max had been 55# and that was just ONCE!

Snatch75 edited

But the impossible was possible. First rep,  failed! But my coach was watching me closely and he said that I almost had it! I had it high enough to get my body under it and then push up. I believed him with all my heart and on the second try, it went up!!! I wanted to scream for joy and then I heard my sweet friend Bianca screaming for me and I felt the excitement rushing down my body like a wave crashing on the shore. I had done it! If I did it once, I could do it again. So I tried and it didn't go up, but a I tried again and it went up. Then again and no rep, and again and no rep, and again and no rep but then I snatched it up, and again and again. I was able to snatch it up 7 times. Yes, it took me about 7 minutes to get it up there 7 times but it was 7 more times than I ever thought I could do.

I feel proud of myself. I can do this. I am getting stronger, one step at a time.

My total reps were 37. It is low but it is higher than I thought I would score :)

WOD Snatch


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