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Tomorrow marks 4 years since I began running marathons. My very first was 4 years ago, this very same event. I remember being so scared that day. As I loaded the bus by myself, I kept shaking and telling myself that I could do it, that my chubby little legs had it in them to run and walk to the very end, plus it didn't matter if I finished last, all that mattered was that I finished. I did finished and I finished about 1 hour and 10 minutes ahead of my "goal" time. I remember crossing the FINISH line and the tears just rolling down, not due to pain, but to the happiness that inundated my heart, I had accomplished one of the biggest goals in my life. My only regret that day was that my hubby couldn't be there to witness it, as he had to be at Firefighter training.

Tomorrow things are a bit different, I have 10 marathons under my belt and this will be my 4th time running TOU. I know what to expect, especially on this course, I know what I am even going to be thinking at certain points and I know that there is a certain area where I struggle the most and just want to quit every single time, and I also know where I get my second wind and where my legs want to say no more-please-no-more. And my expectations of myself are a bit different, I have a goal time now and with all my heart I hope I can make it.

Nevertheless, despite my experience in the course, I am afraid. I am afraid because I haven't trained like the previous years. My longest run in the past 2 months has been 13.1 miles. I am banking on my Crossfit training and my two marathons and the 22 miles I put in in Ragnar as my long runs, heaven help me, I am going to need all the passion from my heart to carry me through the FINISH line.

I have the heart, will my legs cooperate, we shall see.

My goal, to beat my time last year on this course: 3:36:30. My dream goal to PR in a marathon, which means I have to get better than 3:34:45.

It has become tradition that my awesome BFF does my hair before each race. She braids it nice and tight so that I don't have to deal with it coming undone during the race. Today, she did a little something different in the front and her signature snakey braid on the back.

Love my shirt by the way, it is my Crossfit USU shirt that says "FACTA NON VERBA", very appropriate for tomorrow.

TOU full hairstyle

And a very last minute change, hubby registered at the very last minute, as in day-of-registration.

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