Big Cottonwood Half Marathon
Runner Down!


You work hard to learn and become the best that you can be. You, like everyone else start at the bottom and work and work to better yourself. One day, you look around and you are there. You made it. You accomplished your goal.

However, instead of rejoicing about reaching your goal, you spend half the time worrying because others see you as a threat. Even if you don't see them as a threat they see you as such. No matter how friendly you are or that you try to be helpful, it doesn't changes things.

The question is: is it worth working so hard to be the very best if while doing it, you make frenemies all around? Perhaps it is the industry? Maybe that is the reason why I am moving away from what I "love". I am tired of competing in something that really doesn't mean that much in life. At least not in the long run.


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