On to the Olympics!

Thanks to all of you for the encouragement and the good vibes sent my way about the book proposal. I am pleased to announce that the package arrived safely and in one piece...it was held hostage for a day at customs, but it was finally released! Most importantly, the publisher liked all the items sent! I still do not know the final decision yet, but at least they liked the items, so that is always nice to hear.

Now that the loom knitting marathon is over for a little bit. I decided that I need a little bit more excitement in my life, since I am in Utah, and we do have some of the best powder on earth. I might as well get fit and enter the olympic games. What should it be--skiing? luge? snowboarding? skating? Oh, I think I will go with knitting. Oh wait, that is not a qualified sport, but it should be, it is winter, we all need something knitted--right?!?

Since sports are not my thing and since there is no one flashing a big burger at me to make me run, I am entering a competition where there is no pain involved: the 2006 Knitting Olympics!

My challenge: The Hourglass Sweater from Last Minute Knitted Gifts.


Where is the challenge in this project?
1. Never knitted a sweater of my "size".

2. Work full time

3. Have two lovely little imps who distract me every time I try to knit!

4. May be writing a book by that time

Dsc04002 Alright, so I hook up my camera, ready to upload some pics for the blog and guess what I found...yep, you guessed it, pictures of Dora the Explorer. How did they get there? I assure you I don't go around taking pictures of Dora...even if she is teaching the tykes Spanish. Apparently, Bryant got a hold of the camera while he was playing his Dora game and decided that I needed pictures of his game. I have about 30 pictures of the game in progress! I guess he believes my blog needs some spicing up! Next thing, he will be here typing away and bloggin for me. Dsc03987 Both him and Nyah have a fascination with the computer.  I bet they will know how to use it proficiently by the age of 5!

I decided to start reading again, it has been difficult to Dsc04036_2 read since I began knitting, but I have had the Jonathan Dsc04037_1 Strange and Mr. Norrel book since I was pregnant with Nyah! Today I picked it up again and re-started it. I tried knitting at the same time, but I can only do knits, I still need to look down when purling and definitely when crossing the cables.  I know of a very talented someone that can read and knit lace at the same time! One day, one day in the distant future I will be able to knit in the dark, read and knit at the same time, and maybe one day I can knit while I sleep--no dpns in bed though :). 

A collector of sorts...

Some people collect stamps, others collect baby dolls, others enjoy collecting leaves, I have decided that I like to collect sock yarn!

Seeing the different colors and feeling the different yarns is just superb! Seeing the lavender fusing with the brown and then becoming lavender again is mesmerizing to my eyes. Seeing all the different tones of greens in one single skein of yarn is like seeing a tree change from the beginning of spring to the dead of winter.

SockyarnThe end of the year is approaching and to this day, I have been oficially knitting with needles for 8 months. I had a great teacher whom showed me the basics and opened the door to a whole new addiction world. 

SockyarnfirstAfter finishing my first project, I immediately wanted to try sock knitting, cables, lace, felting, and anything under the moon. Although I wanted to take a class to learn how to make socks, my inpatience won and I had to try them on my own. A long trip  down to Mesa Verde and I came back with my very first pair of socks! I became addicted right away. The stash has grown considerably in the sock yarn department, although not as rich as some other blogger's stash. I was very impressed to see all my sock yarn in one single place. I am trying to inventory what I have and where to stash them for awhile. One thing for sure, 2006 will see some sock knitting from this little place in the world. I am figuring that I can knit at least 22 pairs of socks with all this stash, unless the Koigu becomes a Leaf Lace Shawl, in which case I can still make 20 pairs of socks...ooohhh dear, I guess I better join a sock-along so I can get some of the stash reduced!

Some of my ultimate favorites from the stash:

  • Vesper Sock Yarn
  • Socks that Rock
  • Sunshine Yarns
  • No No Kitty--whom is closing its doors, so I had to order a lonely skein of gorgeous pinks.
  • Lorna's Laces
  • Koigu
  • Cherry Tree Hill
  • And last, my own hand-dyed yarn

Are you a yarn collector too?

Holiday Knits

Socks_1 Woohoo! I finished the socks for my pal in the Holiday Knits Exchange. The pattern came from my *new* number one sock book, Sensational Knitted Socks. I have always had a different knit gauge than the pattern calls for and that brought headaches, well this book has an answer to my problems, all I need is the knit gauge and then I just browse through the different patterns and find one that I like, then I simply find the number I need in the tables provided. Very simple, no more banging my head against the wall, and it even has lists with the different measurements for all sizes! Pretty nifty. Anyways, I hope my pal likes the socks...I know she likes greens, but I think this yarn has more lavender than greens.

Dsc03765 Once upon a time, we had a little Christmas tree, we took it out 2 days ago to put it up. The kids were very excited, I was excited too. Dad found the little tree which we carefully put away last year. Opened the box and everything was there, nice pretty little tree, only one thing missing...the base!! Idiot me packed it some place else and we couldn't find it. Little ones were sad, one of them almost on the verge Tree of tears.  So, we set out, we searched in two different stores and one of them was completely void of trees, the 2nd one only had gigantic ones that would need the whole square footage of our aparment. After looking for hours, we came home with our new, not so little Christmas Tree. As you may be able to see, it is top heavy, the decorations are mostly in the top section to keep it away from wandering little ones whom like to tickle them and make them move.

*Edit to add* Can you see the little Santa below the tree, well there is no Santa anymore. A little one got to it and it is gone now :(.

Dsc03772A few years ago Sam and I picked up a couple of small crochetted decorations. I got them because they reminded me of my Grandma whom was always knitting or crocheting.

When I saw them, I couldn't leave them behind, at the time, we only had the little tree so I only Dsc03773 picked 3 of them. Each time I see them, they remind me of my Grandma and her love for the fiber arts, a love that has been passed onto me, and I hope to pass onto my children.

Froggy....stay away...plleeezze

Dsc03659I found the perfect yarn to use for the Holiday Knits, Sox Exchange. The chosen pattern: Dublin Bay Socks. Yarn: wonderfully soft Cherry Tree Hill in shades of green. 

I am loving the simplicity of the pattern, the easy to memorize lace chart, the yarn makes it even more enjoyable. Only one problem--my gauge is completely off and I refuse to go down to a 0 size needle, or smaller than that to get the desired 9.5 sts per inch.

I remember when I was making my stitches so tight that I had to go up a needle size to match the gauge, now it appears that I may have to go down a couple of sizes...what's up with that? Any of you out there have the same issue?

Or is it Lorna's laces that much thinner than Cherry Tree Hill?

Dsc03656 Right now, I am getting about 7.5 sts per inch, so if I change the pattern to reflect my gauge, I would need to change the entire thing--no big deal, the math is easy to change. However, I donnnnn't want to froooggg itttt. I love it. The pattern calls for 72 sts which at my gauge of 7.5 sts provides with about 9.5" in circumference. (I am just waiting to hear from my pal to see if the circumference will work, if it doesn't, then the frog will have to come visit).

Dsc03660Since I was already sitting down changing the numbers on the pattern, I decided to work it out with one of my favorite yarns: No No Kitty-Kona Superwashed. So, I started that one sock while I await for my pal to send me her digits.

The yarn color is much prettier than this picture--my camera flash is set too high. The shade is named, Earth and Sky. Very pretty colors--maybe this one will end up going to my pal if I have to frog the first one.

Dsc03664 Look at this little things--they are 8" circular needles. I don't know how well they work as I just got them in the mail, but they are sure cute looking. Anyone out there has them? Have you used them?

Chasing the yarn & Sox Exchange

Runawayyarn_1 One moment I was sitting on my couch knitting away on  my brother's birthday scarf, the next minute, I was having to chase my yarn around the house. Little Sis seems to have a keen eye for yummy yarn. She immediately hugged it and placed it right by her cheek and neck checking its softness. When she saw that the Misti Alpaca was nice and soft, she took off with it, and me in tow. She even went to the bedroom to hide by Bryant's bed.

Chasingtheyarn_1She didn't give it up easily though. I really had to chase her around the house. My nice center pull-ball had all its guts taken out, but Little Sis had a good time. She thought it was a nice game. She seems to like yarn and everything about it...she even helped me spin this morning a little bit...oy! I can already see my stash decreasing if she decides to take knitting...it's ok, I'll be happy to share...but we may have to get her her own spinning wheel.

Here are some pics of the mountains...hope you like them...

Viewofmountains2 Viewofmountains

Oy! I forgot about the Holiday Sox questionnaire...it must be because it is really late and I am ready for bed, but here we go:

1.  What are your foot measurements?

Heel to toe 9.25"

Ball of foot: 7.75"

2.  Do you have a favorite sock yarn?

Koigu, Kona, Cherry Hill, Handpainted ;)

3.  Is there a specific pattern you favor?...lace or ribbed?

I like both, but I usually browse through the lace ones, but since I suck at lace, I knit the regular ones.

4.  What colors do you prefer?  Do you like solids or stripes?

I like lavender (in all its tones), and blues. I like both, solid and stripes.

5.  Do you have any allergies to a specific fiber?

It appears that I can only wear merino wool, regular wool makes me have the itchies.

6.  Holiday that you usually celebrate?


Nippertails for Nyah

NippertailsThe first time I saw the MagKnits Nippertails, I immediately thought of my little Nyah. She has hair long enough to be put into piggy tails, and with winter approaching this little hat style was the perfect thing.

I had to tweek the pattern a bit in order to make one that fits her. The piggytails are more towards the front than the back.

Nippertails2Some of the modifications I made are as follows:


  • 1.25 skeins of Merino Otto-100% Extra fine merino. Color 26558
  • US5 dpns (Crystal Palace)

Size: 16.5" circumference

Gauge: 5.5 sts=1 inch

CO 88 sts. Knit 1.5" of ribbing. 3" of stockinette.

BO 4 sts. K 22. BO 4. K 58.

Separate back and front. Work flat stockinette on front 22 stitches for 3 rows. Work flat stockinette on back 58 sts for 3 rows. Join in the round. The pattern calls to Cast on the stitches bound off, but Nyah's piggy tails are pretty thin so I decided not to cast those stitches back on.

Then I followed the decrease pattern.

For the little turtlenecks: pick up 16 stitches. Knit 12 rows.

I really like the pattern and I am thinking of making a matching one for me...maybe in a darker color though.

The Merino Otto is very pretty yarn, but very splitty--worth the extra effort just for the softness.

If I were rich...

Gtillymarielrasbr If I were extremelly rich, I would buy Tilli Tomas . Mariels Crystals . Rasberry Rose to make a One Skein wonder, which in this case, I would need 2 skeins, making the skein wonder a horrifickly expensive garment. Has anyone seen this yarn in person? If you have, please leave a comment and tell me how it is, because the picture in this screen is as close as I am ever going to get to it.

But maybe, if I really try very hard not to think about the price and the small size of the one skein wonder, maybe, Gtillyorchid_1 just maybe, I can try and get Tilli Tomas . Disco Lights . Orchid. What shall a girl do? And maybe if I get up and move my butt arms a bit, I can lose some poundage and get only 1 skein. Who am I kiddin'. I am a knitting couch potato...if I could knit and exercise at the same time, that would be another story.

I have to say KPixie has become one of my favorite yarn shops and they keep on getting more beautiful yarns in all the time....waiting for the Vesper Sock yarn to come in right now.

In knitting news....no news, no knitting has gotten done. I am just looming a small something right now. I don't know what is going to become, maybe a small scarf/neck warmer thingy. Photos later :). I am a bit shaken today, tomorrow, I have to teach a Knitting Board class at my LYS and well...I got the butterflies in my tummy.

Mission Completion!

ShreksocksThey are completed! A few days before the end of October!! My Shrek Socktoberfest socks are finished. They are a lovely minty green with specks of blue and yellow. Granted, they are not your everyday socks, but they are screaming wear me, wear me.

Stitches The stitches also look pretty uniform--not too shabby :).

Did I mention that I really like the feel of No No Kitty yarn. It is soft to the touch and not itchy at all. I believe it is Kona Superwash. I wonder if the Vesper sock yarn is anything like it.

The sock pattern is from the Knit Socks! book, it is a simple stockinette sock, nothing fancy, but very comfortable.

Nyah Oh, must mention something about the yarn. I used 1 skein for my pair. I had a little bit left..enough for a few more rounds. I wear a size 6.5 shoe and I made the length of the leg 7". So if you get this yarn to make a pair of socks and plan on a long leg length get two skeins, but if you are planning on making a shorter leg length, one skein should be enough.

I am so excited...I will be showing off my shrek socks tomorrow at Nite in Knots.

As we were in the car today driving home from work, I was knitting away at my shrek socks, I was telling Sam about my socks and then I had a flashback to one of my favorite pair of socks--it was striped with black, minty green, white, and orange. I told him that I absolutely loved that pair of socks and if I remembered correctly, I finally had to throw them out because they had holes. Of course, he proceeded to say that it wasn't such a good idea to admit loving such a funky pair of socks. But I really liked them, they were sooooo me, very witchy like, I wonder if I can make me a pair--a long length, maybe up to my knees...ay! they would look fab with my church outfit, LOL...definitely will strike conversations.

Me Shrek Socks

GreensocksTypepad is up to its nonsense again and it is not letting me upload pictures....hmm, let's try again...(2 hours later, the picture mode is working!)

Anyways, one of the green socks is finished and I am about 30% done with the 2nd one. Although these are knitted on size 3 needles, the sock feels wonderfully comfortable...I think it has to do with the No No Kitty Dsc03457 yarn--wonderfully soft, superwash 100% Merino...very nice...mamma is happy :).

Oy! I think I may be done with this pair before the end of October--just in time for Soctoberfest. My blue Feather & Fan is still waiting to be picked and finished...and it is going to have to wait a bit longer as I have a deadline to meet for my Knitting Board class. I have an outline to write and a scarf to finish before Saturday. Not to mention, the idea in my head for socks on my loom...so many projects, so little free time.

And finally, some good news for those non-drivers...it appears that you can see your Driver's License online....oy--DAman needs to take his picture over.

Another project!?!

Dsc03438I wonder if it happens to all of us-sudden strike of boredom with a project! As I am knitting something, all of a sudden, I get bored with the project, even if it is fun or different. Today, actually, 5 minutes ago I was asked by the DAman why do I start something without finishing what I was working on the day before...I really didn't know what to answer, my only excuse was "I get bored, and I want to move on." Don't get me wrong, I don't have a closet full of UFOs, I finish them all within a week or two. But why does the boredom come? Is it that I get bored with the pattern? Am I so impatient that I can't finish a whole project in a couple of days? Or do I have to stick to small projects that can be finished in one day? Is it the yarn? As I searched for answers, I Dsc03435 came down to the most obvious answer--I just want to try another yarn! Simple, yarn addiction is to blame for all my UFOs.

So, since I am an impatient person and want to try different yarns fast, I do the normal thing: cast on for another pair of socks. The latest one is going very fast, very fast indeed, I am using size 3 needles and some Dsc03436 gorgeous handpainted yarn from No No Kitty. I also tried the Grumperina's Pretty Way of picking up the stitches. I have a tiny little hole, but I am hoping it will dissappear in the wash.

I will continue with the Feather & Fan sock (blue socks above) after I finish this one sock. I guess the number 1 needles are dragging me down and making it go reaaaalllly slow.

Question for those expert knitters out there: what do you do when a pattern calls for a size 1 needle and it makes a women's medium size sock and your foot is more a small size type foot--meaning skinny. Do you go down to a size 0 needle? Do you try thinner yarn--although it already calls for sock yarn weight? Do you alter the pattern? If you do alter the pattern-how do you do it when it is a lace pattern? Eeek, so many questions...

Mini Circular Shrug

Bryantnyah I found the lovely shrug that Shana made and I fell in love with it. I had to try it right away and since I am an impatient person by nature, I did a mini version for little Sis.

The pattern originated from Craftster by some verySeamed_1   ingenious gals. It is a flat panel that gets seamed to form a circular shrug.

I need some help in learning how to seam, but other than that, the pattern is really fun to knit.

Flat_1 Pattern details for a 10 month old little one:

Materials: 1 skein of simply soft (I had only a little bit left)

Size 9 needles.

Gauge: 4 stit/1" over stockinette.

Nyah Cast-on 80 stitches. Knit rib of K2, P2 for about 3.5". Decrease by K2tog, P2tog--40 stitches. Knit a mock rib for 10". Increase by K1, M1. P1, M1--80 stitches.

For more clear instructions, check out Craftster at Sideview the link above.

Now, my challenge, to duplicate it on the looms. I have everything mapped out :). I'll keep you posted.

Sockland and love.

Dsc03375One down, one more to go and guess what, I don't think I made any mistakes--at least noticeable ones. I like the pattern, easy to follow, and it has gone a bit fast--3 days to make 1 sock--with very little knitting time. The Trampoline yarn was also fun, with its stretchability property makes for fun knitting time.

Dsc03376 I have pledged myself to accomplishing at least 2 sock pairs for Socktoberfest. I have 1/2 a month to finish 3 socks....I have the other pair pattern scoped out and now I just need some time to sit down and knit.

I would like to make at least 1 pair of socks each month--I really want my sock drawer to look like Sockbug's...it is glorious, and I want mine to look like that.

Dsc03371As we were driving home 2 days ago from work, my little Nyah was feeling miserable in the car, she was crying and wanted some attention. As a concerned Mum, I climbed over my seat and sat next to her to comfort her and I saw my little Bryant trying to comfort her by holding her hand and singing to her our regular --"I am a child of God" song.  In my heart this was a moment to be treasured forever. It makes me feel that we are actually succeeding at teaching our kiddos something good. And I was very glad to have had my camera with me and that it had batteries and flash--as it was pitch black and I could barely see.

Little Nyah still has a terrible cold and we are still home bound until she starts feeling a bit better, so no Nite in Knots for me tonight.

I have also been pondering what to do with my Aurora 8 yarn and of course, I asked around my fellow bloggers and Heather suggested this Bolero/Shrug...what do you think? Any other ideas out there for this luscious yarn?

To Satisfy a Foot Fettish

Pudgy-cute little feet, wiggly little toes, and shy toes will be pictured here today. Fampic No worries, all the above do not belong to the same person. The pudgy and cute little feet belong to the lovely Nyah. My wiggly toes belong to my little Bryant, and the shy toes belong to yours truely.

Why so shy you may ask? Well, the mentioned toes have been hiding from anyone who comes near them since the incident. They feel shy and very much like the ugly duckling. They hide inside socks, shoes that have covered toes and during this past summer, they barely came out in the open for fear of being rejected by the other happy toes in the community.

AnothertryBut, they have taken an exception and have come out of the closet just for Mim. They feel ashamed of being out in the open where so many toes are well pedicured and well taken care of, but they are not so sad as they have 20 other little toes to keep them company. And the other 20 little toes are very happy, wiggly, and healthy.

MyfeetThe shy little toes were not always ashamed of showing themselves. At one point in their lives, they were called "gorgeous" by two guys waiting in line to get tickets to one of the Broadway plays in NYC-talk about a foot fettish. Now, many years later, they are in hiding, the toes, not the guys, LOL.

Dsc03364_1 Even the ankles at one point were also called "delicate and beautiful" by some other guy, whom name I cannot recall, but the compliment stayed in the back of my mind. Now, even the ankles have gained a bit of weight and well for lack of exercise they don't look "delicate" anymore, tee hee :).

Oh the feet, so wonderful and useful that they deserved to be spoiled by handmade socks just like the one pictured above. I am currently making this pair as a new cover for my poor little toes, hopefully this pair I won't mess up and I will have a nice pair to sport around. The pattern is the famous Feather & Fan from Socks, Socks, Socks.

My Fav T-shirt and some random knits

Over at PumpkinKnits, Pumpkinmama wants to see our fav t-shirts. I have to say, I only have 1 very favorite t-shirt. And here it is...

FavtOk, so it is midnight and I probably look like roadkill, but give a woman a break, I just went through a whole day of work and kiddos and an unnerving episode of LOST.

Here is a close-up:Close2

When I wear this t-shirt outside, it just makes me feel young and careless, so as you probably already imagine, I only wear it around the house. Another favorite thing about it is that it looks so sporty. I love the green color too and the blue edging around the sleeves.

In knitting news...well, tried knitting Branching Out with crack Rowan Kidsilk Haze, and I have to say that it feels like I am knitting my own darn hair, it is so thin and I am not really sure if I am liking the way it looks. Another annoying thing, my needles are too thick at the point to knit all those K3Tog, and SSK, and K2Tog...so experienced knitters, please suggest a better needle to use when knitting lace....please, I beg you. Share your knowledge...I have about 8 skeins of Kidsilk Haze and I would like to use them, but if I can't find a decent needle, I may have to give it to my Mum's cat to play with.

RAOKed and a FO

I traded some yarn with Denise last week and yesterday, I received my trade and a little RAOK from her.


That is Blossom yarn and a pattern for a baby shrug. Immediately, I had the urge to try the pattern, but I waited for a few hours...not because I wanted but because I had to fix dinner and then feed the family....you know, responsibilities!   

But, I couldn't stay away for long from the yarn, you see my needles were calling my name. They had been feeling neglected for a few weeks as they saw me open the closet each day, but instead of picking them up, I picked up a loom. They were sad, neglected and lonely. So, I decided to bring them some happiness, and the yarn quickly, ok, if you can call a whole day of knitting quick became this...

Shrug_1A little shrug for Nyah. Have you ever tried to keep a baby still for just a few seconds? Shrug3

Let me tell ya, it is hard work. So Sam tried to make her smile and keep her stil, but she kept going everywhere. Which is ok, because it gives me the chance to show you the shrug in different poses.

Shrug2 Yeah, she makes a great model...if only she could go to sleep before 11pm.

And of course, I have to also share a pic of my little Bryant. Oh, he is getting so big. He used to be my little boy, now he is just so big and he doesn't like to be called a "baby" anymore.

BryantMy little baby boy is growing up, but in the meantime, I'll enjoy the process and watch with delight at all the different stages he goes through.

Next on the needles...I am itching to try another Branching Out, this time with some Kidsilk Haze in wine color.

Tchau ;)

Have you peeked in the new Knitty yet?

It is heavenly. So many lovely patterns, where do I begin? I must say my heart is set on Josephine. It is lovely, I must have it, it is FREE! Oh, I want it, I need it, I would look so lovely with it.

After Josephine, I must try Samus which reminds me quite a bit of Kepler.

Then, a girl gotta have one of this.

Then to finalize my thirst, I must quench it with Lacey. Do you think Kidsilk Haze would work with that pattern? I have 3 skeins of it :).

Oh, I am very much in love with this last issue of Knitty. So much that I just spent a whole 2 hours looking over it and seeing if my diminutive knowledge of knitting could tackle some of the patterns.

Well, it is officially 1 hour into Thursday and I am barely going to bed. Between the new Knitty and Leven Thumps and the Gateway to Foo I have just sacrificed 3 hours of sleep. Nyah should be waking up in 3 hours for some lechita.

Till another day :)

Don't be scared...it is just me

So, again, I went and changed things a bit. I figure Fall is coming and I wanted to have a fall theme with the blog. Let me know what you think...if you really hate it, or so-so, or okie dokie. I will also be working on the buttons, making them all uniform in size--eek!

I am also a bit happy, you see I won a contest on eBay over the weekend. I was very happily surprised to come back from the mini-vacation to find out that I have won the Rowan Classic Garden book.


In knitting news--a bit saddened. I still don't have my lace socks finished and at this point, I know for sure they won't be for me. You see, I knitted them way too long. I think they can fit about a 7.5 which is not bad, except I am a 6.5 :(. I was such a dummy, I took them with me over the weekend and apparently, I got very excited to knit in the car that I forgot to measure my foot and the sock or maybe it was the excitement of hearing Harry Potter 1 on the way there. Here is lonely sock 1, must make the mate and find a recipient for them.


In looming--chugging along on a pair of socks right now for the Demo day at Yarn Today. The day is approaching fast and I still have 3 projects to finish....help!! That is what I get for procrastinating.

An FO!

Branching Out is officially done. I just have the blocking to do and it is ready to go to her new owner--my mom :).


The pattern is gorgeous and I am ready to try it again. It is a relaxing lace project--definitely a good beginner's lace project.

My neighbor upstairs saw it and she asked me to make her a winter scarf. I am thinking of making one with cables and lace. Anyone know of a good easy pattern?

Just for Fun


I am a Winnie the Pooh :). Which lovable character are you?

Chugging along

I am still chugging along the Branching Out scarf. I am on my third skein of Moonlight Mohair, I will probably only use 3 skeins. It is looking long enough for my petite mom. I am dreading the blocking session for this small item, I am thinking of taking it to Yarn Today and have Tina and Rita help me. I don't want to ruin it by doing something dumb.

Talking about doing something dumb, last week, I left the above scarf at children's reach. Bryant was very happily playing with both needles. Ahhh!!! It was a most aggravating experience, I really had to contain myself. My anger was at boiling point. All I could think about was all those YO and the K3Tog, K2Tog, how in heck was I ever going to pick those stitches up. It was a nightmare come reality. Of course, I learned my lesson and now, I am putting my knitting far away from children's reach. Far, far away, all the way on the top of the bookshelf. The scarf was salvaged and I don't think I messed up the picking up of the stitches, and if I did, I can't see it.

The Kepler sweater has written chart instructions now :). Thank you Amy for taking the time to do this--it means a lot. Now, I can start the swatching for it. The pattern is now also available as a Raglan. Yippee, two combinations for this pretty sweater. Have I mentioned that I really like cables? Well, I just discovered that myself. As I keep browsing through all the different magz and books, I tend to stop and look more at the patterns that have cables.

In Secret Pal news, I will be sending my last package this week, probably tomorrow. It is quite saddening as I have enjoyed it immensely. Thus, now I am thinking of joining SP6.